Abu Dhabi: ESE says students must attend remaining classes for third term

The guide for schools’ readiness for exams also listed out 18 violations during exams

Image used for illustrative purposes
Image used for illustrative purposes

Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Sun 5 Jun 2022, 5:34 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Jun 2022, 10:54 PM

With the third semester exams set to begin in the coming weeks, Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) said students must regularly attend classes in the remaining period of the current term.

In the guide sent to principals to prepare schools for the end-of-school-year exams, the ESE also called on teachers to complete academic courses before exams and also hold extra classes if needed to help students prepare for theoretical subjects. These revision classes, it said, will also help students catch up on lessons they missed out on account of absense at school.

The guide for schools’ readiness for exams also listed out 18 violations during exams that could invite punitive action against students.

These include using mobile phones or electronic devices with audio-visual feature, or leaving them in the exam hall, cheating, or providing written material or group answers.

The ESE said creating digital communication groups with the aim of circulating exam documents during exams or before exams starts, is also a violation for which students will be punished.

Authorities also called on schools to take action if one of these examination violations is committed:

Physical assault in or outside the examination committee, on the school property, or in outer squares surrounding the campus, or if it was proven that the assaults were carried out after the results were declared.

If a student tries to film when the exams — electronic or paper — are being conducted, using either a mobile phone or other electronic devices, or indulges in audio and video recording, and circulates it on social media, before or after the exam begins.

ESE has also stressed on the need for an appropriate environment during examinations, calling on schools to ensure availability of examination halls, study chairs, computer laboratories, and computers in laboratories, as well as the availability of the Internet facility in the school.

Officials said schools are obligated to provide a WiFi service that covers all halls and facilities used during the examination period. It also emphasised that school clinics must be ready to cater to the students. Other stipulations include, waiting places for students, ensuring physical distance between students, and signs placed in the school premises and at the main entrances to guide students to the locations of the exam halls.

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