Worker abuses girl, jailed for a year

DUBAI — A worker was sentenced to one year in prison on Sunday by the Court of First Instance as he was found guilty of molesting a 11-year-old schoolgirl.

By Marie Nammour

Published: Mon 26 Mar 2012, 5:18 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:45 AM

The Case:
The 33-year-old Indian touched, grabbed and kissed the girl against her will. The court ordered that he be deported after serving his jail term. The verdict is subject to appeal within 15 days at the Court of Appeal.

The worker also wrote his mobile number on a note he left in the girl’s school bag.

The mother, an Indian medical worker, told the prosecutor that one day before she found the note, her daughter called her crying. She said that her girl took the stairs after she was dropped by the school bus that day in December last year. She instructed her girl earlier not to take the lift fearing it might break down.

Her girl called her later and told her that a man chased her in the stairs and told her that he loved her. The girl was crying a lot and scared. She told her mother that the man grabbed and hugged her. He also kissed her on cheeks and lips.

The watchman went looking for the man who harassed the girl but could not find him.

The following day, when checking her girl’s schoolbag, she found a note. The note had a mobile number and an alias. It read that the girl should call the number’s owner when she went to school and not to tell anybody. The mother knew that it must be the same man who molested her girl the day before. She filed a police complaint.

A police corporal of Al Muraqqabat police station said they arrested the defendant in Jumeirah. He admitted to the police that he touched, hugged and kissed the girl against her will. He admitted the same during the prosecution investigation.

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