UAE: Dad fined Dh1,100 for beating son

Fujairah - Wife claims he assaulted son to get back at her.

By Staff Report

Published: Sun 21 Mar 2021, 12:13 PM

The Fujairah Court of Appeal has upheld a Dh1,100 fine against a father for beating his son black and blue.

However, the court dismissed a one-month suspended jail term for the convict that was ordered by the Fujairah Court of First Instance.

Court records revealed that the mother of the child had lodged a complaint with the Fujairah Police against her former husband. She had alleged that he had “severely beaten the child to upset me”.

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Though the father was staying separately, he would visit his former wife and the son regularly. He would beat his son for being ‘naughty”, which led the child to sustain severe bruises.

He recently assaulted him on his face, neck and shoulder, the complaint revealed.

The mother had furnished a medical report, which showed that the child was incapacitated for around 20 days because of the brutal assault.

The child testified before the Fujairah Public Prosecution authorities that he was at the receiving end of his father’s wrath because of a dispute between him and his younger sister.

“He slapped me, as usual, several times on my face and shoulder, and even did the same to my younger sister,” the boy told the prosecutors.

The defendant denied all charges and stated that the matter came to a head when his little daughter called him and said her elder brother had assaulted her.

“I went home, comforted her, and did nothing to my son,” he said. He alleged that his ex-wife had spun a tale in a bid to settle scores with him

The case was referred to the Fujairah Court of First Instance, where the complainant furnished two videos that corroborated her allegations.

The Fujairah Court of First Instance found the father guilty, and ordered him to pay a fine of Dh1,100, and to serve one month in jail, but ordered the suspension of the imprisonment, as per Article 83 and 84 of the UAE federal punitive law.

The defendant moved the Fujairah Court of Appeal, which upheld the Dh1,100 fine, but cancelled the one-month suspended jail term.


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