Outing ends in nightmare

A deputy manager allegedly kidnapped a woman colleague after having dinner together and tried to rape her in a desert, a court heard on Wednesday.

By Marie Nammour

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Published: Thu 10 May 2012, 11:18 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:38 AM

The woman escaped from the 37-year-old Emirati defendant and ran naked to the road and stopped a truck driver for help at a late hour. The defendant faced charges of kidnap, attempt to rape and assault in the Court of First Instance.

The 25-year-old Spanish complainant, a sales coordinator, told the prosecutor that she had dinner with the defendant who was her co-worker and friend that night at a restaurant in The Gardens as she was going on leave in December last year.

He was driving her home in his 4WD when he suddenly changed direction towards a desert location. He snatched her mobile phone, got out of his seat and lied on top of her. He also slapped her many times in the face as she resisted him. As he undressed her, she fell down. He kept trying to rape her but she managed to escape from him and ran towards the street even though she was naked. She stopped a Pakistani truck driver who let her use his mobile phone and gave her clothes to cover herself.

She called her friend to come and pick her up. She had left her purse in the defendant’s car.

The complainant’s girlfriend, a Russian sales coordinator, said that she received five missed calls from an unknown number after 2am that night. It was her friend; she was crying and said that she lost her purse and personal stuff.

She found the Spanish in a mess. She was barefooted and bleeding and wearing strange clothes. The Russian learnt from her friend that she went out with a co-worker who tried to rape her.

They filed a complaint at the Jebel Ali police station.

The truck driver, aged 36, confirmed seeing the woman naked on Emirates Road near the Fruits and Vegetable Market that night. He saw her waving her hand and noticed that she had blood on her head. He stopped for her and she ran towards the truck crying.

He gave her some of his clothes and let her use his mobile phone to call her friend and dropped her at a nearby spot. She was picked up later by her friend in a cab.

The truck driver was summoned for testimony the following day at the police station.

The medical report showed that the woman had scratches and bruises on her body because of the assault.


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