Man in Dubai films boss as a joke, gets scammed and blackmailed

Man in Dubai films boss as a joke, gets scammed and blackmailed

Dubai - Be careful of falling prey to their manipulative tactics.

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Published: Mon 24 Sep 2018, 1:47 PM

Last updated: Mon 24 Sep 2018, 5:21 PM

At least 5 people were blackmailed in a new embezzlement scheme in Dubai.
The gang would claim that they had hacked and obtained personal files from the victim's laptop and mobile phone. Then they would demand money in exchange for not leaking the information, as per Emarat Al Youm report.
In one of the cases, an employee had a habit of filming his manager during work as a joke.
He received a message from an anonymous person claiming that they had hacked his account and had a copy of his photos. The terrified man resorted to the authorities, who assured him that his files were safe.
Another victim was a woman who had personal photos and videos of her friends during a wedding. A third victim had been targeted who had stored classified research he had been working on.
One of the messages reads: "I have been following your online activity and found out that you frequent pornographic sites. Your phone has (illicit) videos and photos. I also hacked your account and obtained copies of your personal information and details. I don't want to expose you, so long as you give me the money I require as payment for the time I spent hacking your phone."
According to General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant general commander of criminal investigation for Dubai Police, the fraudsters would resort to "fake" phishing methods to convince the victim that they have access to personal information by using information which is common knowledge.
They would obtain the first few digits or letters of the person's password via apps and programmes available online.
Then they would send a strongly worded message to the victim, informing them that their personal information and files have been compromised.
Lieutenant Colonel Salim bin Salmeen, deputy director of the general directorate for combatting cyber crimes, said their method is to use manipulative tactics and play with a person's emotions.
Al Mansouri warned the public from falling prey to such tricks and blackmailers, adding that people should immediately report the matter to the police. Police will deal with the situation with the utmost privacy, security and professionalism.

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