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Video: How Dubai Police help the hearing-impaired get Covid jab

Dubai - Sign-language interpreters are at hand to assist anyone with hearing challenges at this health centre.

By Web report

Published: Fri 19 Mar 2021, 6:59 PM

A new interpretation service is the latest initiative rolled out in Dubai to assist people of determination — this time, with helping them receive their Covid jabs.

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A massive vaccination campaign has been on in the UAE since late last year — and people of determination have consistently fallen into the priority category.

Now, an initiative — organised in cooperation with the Dubai Police Health Centre — is geared specifically towards the hearing-impaired.

The ease with which those with hearing challenges can now take the Covid vaccine was demonstrated in a video posted by Dubai Police to its official social media accounts.

In it, a woman at a health centre approaches an officer and uses sign language to communicate that she has a hearing impairment.

The policeman is identified by a special interpreters’ badge affixed to his uniform, which reads 'I speak your language'.

In the interaction that follows, the woman lets the officer know she wishes to take the Covid vaccine. The policeman explains that they have three vaccines available: Sinopharm, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca-Oxford.

The woman opts for the first. When she fails to understand the next step of the procedure, the interpreter steps in to clarify. After successfully getting her Emirates ID verified, she is cleared to get the jab.

The entire interaction takes place in sign language.

Photo: Dubai Police/Twitter
Photo: Dubai Police/Twitter

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