Delhi teachers to get help to cope with Covid trauma at start of new academic year

New Delhi - The new academic year has been classified into three sections, with the first focusing on reconnecting with students.

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Published: Tue 29 Jun 2021, 7:42 AM

Government schoolteachers in Delhi had been deployed to vaccination centres, oxygen facilities, dispensaries, ration distribution points and airports during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, where many of them had faced enormous challenges while tackling the crisis.

The action plan of the Delhi government relating to the new academic year considers the extensive challenges that they confronted and has ensured that they are able to cope up with it.

“It is important that teachers are supported and enabled to prepare themselves to counsel their students, support them if they are facing any challenge and help them to come to a stage where they are ready to resume teaching-learning activities,” said the note by the directorate of education.

Teachers need to be prepared “to not just overcome their own grief and stress due to very difficult last few months but also be emotionally ready to support their students too in similar circumstances,” added the note by the directorate. Both teachers and students faced deep trauma and it is necessary that they be given time to share their grief and pain and reconnect with each other before moving on to regular work, said the note.

The new academic year has been classified into three sections, with the first (from June 28 to July 3) focusing on reconnecting with students. In the second stage (the rest of July), teachers will provide emotional support to student, preparing them for teaching-learning activities. The third stage in August will see online classes.

However, parents and their children not having access to digital technology and the internet will get notes that can be collected from the schools on a regular basis.

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PTI file photo

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