Jumeirah Islands: An idyllic retreat

If you prefer living close to nature, look no further than this neighbourhood in Dubai

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Mazhar Farooqui

Published: Sat 4 Dec 2021, 12:01 AM

The choices were plenty, but when Indian expatriate Irfan Izhar decided to buy his dream house in Dubai, he zeroed in on Jumeirah Islands without a second thought. “Conventional wisdom says one should weigh one’s options before investing in property. In this case, however, conventional didn’t apply. I was purchasing a house in the city’s best villa community, so it was more of a natural corollary,” said Izhar, who runs a successful packaging business in the UAE and has been living in Jumeirah Islands for more than two years.

Set amid a stunning landscape ornamented by man-made lakes and islands, Izhar’s abode embodies luxurious living at its best. And it’s a great investment too.

As the emirate’s realty market rides on a wave of positive sentiment driven by Expo 2020 Dubai, villa prices in Jumeirah Islands have notched a 30.9 per cent increase over last year — marginally less than Arabian Islands (31 per cent) which recorded the highest annual gains among gated villa communities.

Developed by Nakheel Properties, Jumeirah Islands is nestled between Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) and Dubai Marina. The picture-perfect neighbourhood consists of 46 small islands called clusters featuring waterfront residences including villas, mansions and townhouses

All homes have their own private swimming pool and sit in an artificial lake which boasts of the highest land to water ratio (23:77) in the world.

“The master community features parks, lakes, leisure facilities and lush green landscapes, and offers an excellent location, with easy access to Dubai’s major roads, landmarks and attractions. Jumeirah Islands also has its own retail Pavilion and is home to the recently-renovated Jumeirah Islands Club featuring a range of dining, leisure and sports attractions,” said a Nakheel spokesperson who describes Jumeirah Islands as one of Dubai’s most prestigious and sought-after communities. The claim is not unfounded.

Succumbing to the many charms of the extravagant neighbourhood, a large number of wealthy families have moved to Jumeirah Islands in recent years

Sara Waqar, a Pakistani national who lives in Cluster 39 with her husband and two children, said their tranquil neighbourhood makes them forget Dubai’s fast-paced life. “Luxury real estate developers continue to push the envelope in Dubai with dazzling architecture and wow-factor amenities, but there are very few communities which could hold a candle to Jumeirah Islands,” said Waqar who relocated here from Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) last year.

For those who have not seen the community, it’s indeed hard to believe that there is a picturesque archipelago with artificial saltwater lakes, walkway bridges and quiet streets devoid of any traffic, just off Sheikh Zayed Road between interchanges 5 and 6.

A long-time Indian resident said the stunning scenery of the affluent urban suburb along with the absence of commercial activity give it a serene feel.

However, it’s not all quiet and leafy here.

Jumeirah Islands has a close-knit community and the place hosts family-friendly events all year round. Jumeirah Islands Clubhouse and The Pavilion both offer a plethora of dining options and recreational facilities.

However, living in Jumeirah Islands is not cheap, so fingers crossed for that lottery prize!


My husband longed for a private backyard

Sara Waqar

As the home-movers van loaded the last of the sofas and drove out of our view, we glided into the car and bade goodbye to our eight-year-old nest at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) as we moved to a new home in Jumeirah Islands.

It was my husband’s idea to move from our JBR apartment to a villa in Jumeirah Islands.

I, being a city girl, was more than happy to live at a waterfront property with loads of restaurants and eateries to choose from.

He, being a country lad, longed for a private backyard where he could barbecue under a starry sky.

And since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining social distancing has become an etiquette, which values space.

No wonder, a 10,000 square feet villa was welcomed by both of us.

Jumeirah Islands is one of Dubai’s most exclusive communities, designed as 46 small islands, and all of them are surrounded by a huge artificial seawater lake.

It boasts luxury waterfront residences including villas, mansions and townhouses.

Moreover, it has three community parks, a clubhouse, lush green landscape, and an excellent location with easy access to Dubai’s major roads and landmarks.

This picturesque archipelago of man-made saltwater lakes promises a resort-like living.

The one thing that sets Jumeirah Islands apart from other localities is its lush verdure that gives it a dense tropical rainforest ambience, and helps maintain an ecosystem of water and land animals that you would not see anywhere else in Dubai.

The community is an ideal spot for nature lovers. The swerving jogging tracks around the little interconnected islands take you on an incredibly peaceful journey of sights, sounds and smells, comparable to exquisite tropical getaways.

Creaking branches, shuffling debris, chattering squirrels, rustling leaves, singing birds and humming insects accompany you as you stroll around the community’s walkways.

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