The Heritage Surprises week has taken visitors indeed by surprise with the five countries representing their respective continents this DSS. While the various heritage activities continue to dazzle the visitors, the Venezuelan team has created quite a buzz among visitors of the Deira ...

City Centre and the Ibn Battuta Mall. The Venezuelan Heritage activities are hosted daily during this week at the City Centre stage from 5pm to 7pm and at the Ibn Battuta Mall's Indian Court from 8pm to 10pm.

"The whole show is about the South American heritage and everything it represents from its music to the amazing jewellery and handicrafts they are famous for," says Zayed Abou Salah, coordinator of the Venezuelan Heritage band. "The band which is from the Stadobolivia state of Venezuela comprises of 16 people between 17-37 years of age and is one of the best in South America."

The show which brings out the Venezuelan Heritage through songs, dances and their handicraft items is divided into eight sections. It kicks off with the cultural show that includes traditional songs that have been sung in the country for over a hundred years, and moves on to the haunting melody of Maria Beskadoor Anamorado, a duet.

Horobo Karabobeno, the traditional South American dance livens things up next to be followed by another number performed by the whole band. The Mambolorio, tunes of a more haunting nature precedes the traditional Gata dances, Balf Folkloric Art, Winter Rayo show and the local handicraft shows following in succession.

On the last day of Heritage Surprises week on August 17, in addition to the above programme, the audience will have a special treat with the enactment of a traditional Venezuelan wedding ceremony, a must see.

For the band that has toured many countries including Turkey, Italy, Belgian, Brazil, and Columbia this is their first performance in an Arab country.

Say Frank and Evan Valderama, the 33-year-old twins who founded the band, "Dancing and singing has been part of our lives from an early age and studying music in university took this interest further. Our visit has been in response to an invitation from the Dubai Customs and although we have toured widely, this is our first time in an Arab country. Our aim in joining in the Heritage Surprises week of DSS is to educate people about the wonderful Venezuelan heritage. To give our audience an authentic show, we have made sure that even some of our décor consists of traditional native Indian huts."

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