It was one year ago that a miracle took place in Dubai, a miracle that changed the lives of Darshan Singh and his wife Seeto forever. The dawn of a New Year brought with it new life, in the forms of Chirag and Jyoti Singh, the twin babies who were not only the first babies of 2003, ...

By Bindu Rai

Published: Sat 24 Jan 2004, 2:55 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:44 AM

but were also a boon to the parents after 20 years of marriage.

It's one year now since that glorious day, but the joy of the miracle birth is still fresh in the eyes of the Singhs.

"I will never forget that moment when I first held the babies in my arms," says an emotional Darshan, an employee of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. "After 20 years of endless treatments - just when our last hopes were dwindling - we were suddenly gifted, with not one, but two babies!"

The twins, a baby boy and a baby girl, were born exactly 9 and 10 seconds after midnight at the Al Wasl Hospital, Dubai - with Chirag weighing 2.87kgs and Jyoti weighing 2.36kgs. But all wasn't well for either the mother or the babies a few months prior to their birth.

Says Seeto, "I was getting treated in Jalandhar, Punjab and the doctors had specifically told me that, while the pregnancy seemed healthy, things would be quite difficult for me, due to my advanced age (she was 41 at the time)."

So while, Seeto's own health was failing her, it came as a shock (pleasant though it was) that she wasn't having one baby, but four! "I couldn't believe it when the doctor told me the good news," recalls Seeto. "I kept hugging and crying and laughing - all at one time.

"My husband was in Dubai at the time, and he told me not to worry; he said that God had gifted us with four babies after so long, and each one was like a precious gift from the Mighty One himself so He would also find a way to help us."

Finally, it was decided that Seeto would head to New Delhi for further treatment as the hospitals in the capital city were better equipped to handle her situation. But six months into her pregnancy tragedy struck.

"My health deteriorated even further and the doctors advised me that my womb would not be capable of holding all four babies, so for the sake of saving two of them and my own life, I had to have two of my babies terminated," Seeto pauses, recalling those dark days. "My husband was like a rock through it all, and he immediately decided that I should come to Dubai and give birth here."

After the twins were born, the family decided to christen them Chirag and Jyoti (both names mean light), fitting names to the two being who have brought the light back into their lives after two decades of absolute darkness.

States Darshan, looking at his bundles of joy dancing to Punjabi bhangra music, "I thank God everyday and tell all couples like us to cherish their children because in life nothing is more important than their well-being."

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