The sum of everything and nothing

The sum of everything and nothing

If Feng Shui could win lottery tickets, all experts would be rich and retired by now.

By Shivani Adalja

Published: Sat 13 Jun 2015, 8:23 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 2:47 PM

There are many misconceptions about Feng Shui; but the most common one is that it is used only for creating more wealth. No matter what anyone says, this statement is completely false.

Feng Shui is a science of energy management that focuses on harnessing good energy and deflecting bad energy. When harnessing good energy, things tend to flow smoothly in your professional life resulting in better opportunities and growth. Therefore one can say that growth in life is equivalent of wealth.

However under no circumstances does feng shui help you win lottery tickets. If that was the case, then all Feng Shui consultants will be rich and retired by now.

The balanced energy within your living and working environment also helps in boosting good health and better interpersonal relationships. Less arguments are experienced in a home where Feng Shui is implemented, in comparison to the house in which it is not implemented. Children study better, overall feeling of wellbeing is enhanced and most importantly you feel relaxed. These are a few of the benefits in a home where Feng Shui is implemented.

I have even worked with clients who were unable to get pregnant, or had severe health problems or were going through depression. In each and every case Feng Shui has worked its magic.

This does not mean that only implementing Feng Shui can suffice and that you must stop doing everything else. Instead, support your efforts with feng shui to have enhanced results. Feng Shui alone cannot create magic. But when combined with hard work, and dedication it can open doors that you had never imagined.

Space clearing is not Feng Shui. Moving furniture around is also not Feng Shui. Displaying gaudy stone studded statues is definitely not Feng Shui. These are superstitions that have nothing to do with the science.

Feng Shui is about understanding the energy flow around you. It’s about understanding the effect and impact of surrounding objects in your environment. Feng Shui also takes into consideration abstract and nontangible energies and how one can manipulate them to balance the surroundings. In short – Feng Shui is the sum of everything and nothing.

Shivani Adalja is a Dubai-based wellbeing expert. She runs the Alignment Insitute which offers effective solutions that focus on stress management and overall wellbeing. Email

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