The SRK-Vishal spat!

There has never been a word like ‘healthy criticism’ in Shah Rukh Khan’s dictionary, after all he’s King Khan and nobody dare teach him acting.

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Published: Sat 10 Jan 2009, 9:25 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 11:29 PM

Now one can say that director Vishal Bharadwaj of Omkara and Maqbool is as much of an egoist!

Apparently, Shah Rukh was keen on working with Vishal after watching Omkara, so when he heard that Vishal was also eager to work with him, Shah Rukh arranged for a meeting… but what followed was a disaster.

A source close to Shah Rukh reveals that SRK loved the script of the new film but he thought that it could be made better by making some changes. He offered Vishal a few inputs, which didn’t go down well with the director who reportedly got irritated and made fun of Shah Rukh’s past films. Confirms an insider, “Shah Rukh had loved the script but there were some things that he wanted changed and he conveyed them to Vishal. However, Vishal didn’t like that and got upset; rather than expressing his displeasure Vishal started taunting and poking fun at Shah Rukh’s past roles and this upset Shah Rukh so much that he immediately asked Vishal to leave and told him that he would never ever work with him!”

Post this incident Vishal realised his folly and he sent feelers to Shah Rukh aplogising but, we hear, Shah Rukh is in no mood to forgive.

Sources in the industry reveal that Vishal doesn’t like actors giving him inputs because he believes that he is the director and it is his job to make the film. “Vishal has never needed huge stars to sell his films. When he signed Saif and Kareena for Omkara both of them were going through a lean phase in their career! And look what Vishal’s film did for them. So when Shah Rukh suggested a few changes he got very upset. However, Vishal shouldn’t have made fun of Shah Rukh, a little diplomacy always helps in the industry,” says a filmmaker who’s close to Vishal.

This isn’t the first time that Shah Rukh has taken offence to criticism of his work by a filmmaker. In the past Ram Gopal Varma had invited his wrath when the latter commented, “Superstars carry a baggage that can be very irritating and Shah Rukh is a superstar. My audience is different. My films are larger than life; they are dark and intense. Shah Rukh would not fit in that world.” SRK who didn’t take too kindly to Ramu’s comments has hence never worked with the director!

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