School’s out and the long summer holidays loom ahead. Initial yells and hurrays of freedom are soon stretched out into yawns and whiny cries of ‘I am sooooo booooreddd’. While the summer break often spells unlimited time on their hands for children,...

By Mubashra Siddiqui (Staff Reporter)

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Published: Sun 5 Jun 2005, 11:46 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 6:20 PM

it can be pure horror for parents as they struggle to keep up with energetic kids while juggling work. For working mums in particular, summer holidays are always a stressful period. In the UAE, the weather too is nasty and unsympathetic. So, what do you do?

In a quest to successfully battle summer boredom, City Times provides you with a list of things to do that shall hopefully keep you and your kids happily wrapped up the entire period. Here is it then, our list of ‘Top Ten Things To Combat The Much Dreaded Summer Boredom:’

One: First off, is the simplest solution — yes, enroll your kids in a summer camp. In the UAE, a veritable number of summer camps cater to unique interests of children ranging from horse back riding to swimming to music and other performing arts along with generic ones that offer a wide range of fun activities.

Two: Can’t afford a summer camp or find one that is to your liking? Well, then form your own mini summer-club. Gather all the other moms and dads in your neighbourhood, pool together ideas, allot times and let the kids enjoy a carefree summer. Remember, some of your own best summer time memories come from just hanging out with neighbourhood kids.

Three:Younger children soon find an outlet to vent all their energy once appropriate activities have been set for them. But what does one do with the slightly older age group? Tweens and teens are hard to deal with in the summer. Try telling them how to spend their time and they are bound to resent you for that. The best options for the age groups 12-16 are summer jobs or internships. However, make sure you give them the choice of where they want to be employed. Money is always an attracting force but in the cases it is not, such as unpaid internships, you will be surprised by the genuine interest these young adults have when it comes to something they like.

FOUR: Summer jobs and internships too don’t seem to be working out? Nothing better than to put your children to household toil. Assign them all chores but space them out fairly. A routine, even during summer, is important. And remember rewards don’t always have to have a monetary form. Small treats can go a long way. This one works wonderfully for the parents as well.

FIVE: As a form of a singular activity to while away the summer time, we recommend joining your local library. Summer time is truly fantastic for relaxing reading. Enthused by the fact that aren’t pouring over textbooks, your children will be more than happy to indulge in something that is light and funny, something that just takes them away for a bit and lets them delve deep and creatively into their imaginations.

SIX: As you search for activities to keep your children occupied this summer, don’t forget to spend some time with them yourself as well. Summer break intrinsically implies unlimited TV viewing, Internet surfing and video game playing. Join your children as they indulge in these activities. Besides making you feel secure knowing what your children are doing, it is a perfect opportunity to get to know them better and understand them, as hard as it may seem at times.

SEVEN: In fact, if possible try and take a week of your yearly leave during the summer. If a short leave doesn’t seem possible, no worries. A family holiday doesn’t always have to involve expensive trips to Europe or America. A short weekend trip to any of the wonderful resorts in Ras Al Khaimah or Fujairah can work wonders. Not only does it leave you feeling rejuvenated, it is perfect for serious family bonding.

EIGHT: Living in the UAE, how can we forget about the Dubai Summer Surprises? The DSS not only provides for wonderful job opportunities for the older children but is a haven for parents wanting some time free from the boisterous younger brats. However, make sure you are aware of what’s going on in advance and find those activities that suit your children’s needs best.

NINE: Another cute and very-tried option? Yes, of course, hit the malls. Malls in the UAE are incredibly safe and have amazing fun centres and recreation facilities that offer a range of both educational and entertaining activities. What better way to beat the heat?

TEN: Lastly, as parents, while finding all sorts of activities to keep your children busy in the summer — don’t forget one important thing: Summer time does mean relaxation. Don’t crowd your children with too much to do. Instead, make sure they have a few hours to themselves a day for whatever they’d like to do. As child experts often say, it is important for your children to learn how to entertain themselves from time to time.

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