Looking for that perfect piece of jewellery to complement your exquisite bridal ensemble? Want to show off your fabulous tastes in jewellery to your friends? Don't know what gifts to pick up for your folk back home, when you decide to take that annual vacation?

By Anupama V Chand

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Published: Sun 2 May 2004, 2:20 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:57 AM

Help it seems, may be close at hand, following Kavita Drona's decision to undertake franchise operations in Dubai for Jusra, an enterprise that specialises in Thewa Jewellery. Thewa is the exquisite art of jewellery making from the land of royal colours - Rajasthan, conceived during the Mughal dynasty, around 350 years ago, in the princely state of Rajputs, when art and splendour were a way of life. The art was started by a single family of Marwar, who shared the secret of its making amongst them.

"Thewa is a traditional art of fusing 23 K gold with multicoloured glass, and the glass when treated by a special process, has glittering effects that highlight the intricate gold work. The whole Thewa piece is handcrafted over a period of one month by skilled artisans, and these pieces essentially teem with the culture, heritage, and tales of romance and valour that are integral to Rajasthan," Kavita said.

She noted that while visiting a jewellery exhibition some time ago, she had chanced upon the beautiful jewellery that awakened something deep within her, inspiring her to approach Justin Varkey and Rahul Gupta, the entrepreneurs behind 'Jusra', and offer to take up the dealership.

"Just to touch the pieces and explain what they are about is a really satisfying experience, I am lucky!" she smiled.

And looking through the opulent collection of necklaces, which comes with matching ear-rings, valued from Dhs. 1700 upwards, made with rubies, emeralds, pearls, jade, and fashioned with a unique gold pendant that has delicate filigree work, that either displays shapes of leaves and flowers engraved upon it, or postures from ancient Indian mythology, like Radha dancing or Krishna and Radha grazing cows on the vast plains or 'braj bhoomi'.

"Each piece is available in many colours, and can be customised to suit the wearer's tastes," said Kavita, who added that Thewa jewellery always had to have a flat base, in order for the engraving and treatment to be done.

"Such jewellery is not uniquely Indian in its appeal, and Europeans and Arabs, living with the country and the GCC are among the bigger target customers, this jewellery can be worn with virtually any type of apparel, oriental and occidental," she said.

She also has a selection of 'Minakari' jewellery, where the ornament is crafted in gold and silver and then the artist draws the desired design that is outlined by the engraver to make the enamel adhere firmly. The enameller then brushes the ornament on the engraved design with special 'meena' colours in red, green, black, yellow, blue etc.

Those interested in wearing or learning more about Thewa jewellery, can call Kavita Drona at Pleiads Trading, Tel: 04-2235168, or Mobile: 050-6573029 for details.

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