Rani hogs the limelight

Rani hogs the limelight

RAJKUMAR GUPTA CERTAINLY seems to have the patience of a saint because he has managed to make a film on a murder case that rocked the whole of India while something even more dramatic was happening behind the scenes.

Not only was Rani Mukherji her bossy best on the sets but as an insider confirms, “She has been hogging the limelight at all promotional events for the movie completely disregarding the fact that it has two actresses in the lead. Be it television shows or press events, she is hell bent on being the only one representing the film at these events.”

Sources say that while Vidya Balan made all efforts to befriend Rani during the making of the movie, she was constantly given the cold shoulder by the latter.

The cold vibes between the two leading ladies was nothing compared to the sub zero one now as Rani seems to be taking all promotion related decisions herself, making sure that Vidya doesn’t come into the picture.

Rani, in the past, had made things uncomfortable for all on the sets of Dil Bole Haddipa with her fiery attitude. Secure under the YashRaj banner, she sent Shahid Kapoor running to the director complaining about her haughty conduct.

Rani’s one-man-show at the promotional campaigns hasn’t gone down well with Vidya. The two of them have decided not to act together ever again.

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