When you were small, who taught you to walk? When you had chicken pox, who looked after you? These are the questions thrown at the heroine of Lavanya (Zee's new series in the 64 Panne slot) when she blurts out to her mother that she is in love. Her mother is not amused ...

By Tv Talk By Sudha Mukerjee

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Published: Thu 6 May 2004, 1:35 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:57 AM

and since it is she and not the boyfriend who taught Lavanya to walk and looked after her in sickness and in health, she expects her daughter to ditch her beau. Such logic is straight up a mother's street as any girl who has had the misfortune to clash with her parent can vouch. Shilpa Saklani (Ganga of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Star Plus) plays the title role and alternates between her trademark pained expression and extra-cuteness, neither of which endears her to you. She plays the pampered daughter of an affluent father which makes her the target of every matchmaking mum in the neighbourhood. Lavanya's heart, however, beats only for a Bohemian artist but since he wasn't around when she was taking her first steps nor when she was suffering from chicken pox, we can't say if things will work out for them or not.


For some light relief last week, there was Sabsey Favourite Kaun (Star Gold), purportedly India's largest opinion poll to pinpoint the most popular stars. Host Arshad Warsi, who travels to a new city and dons different avatars in each episode, was in Lucknow. On his agenda were the nominees in the Sabsey Favourite Nayi Heroine category and we saw the directors of four heroines falling over themselves to extol their virtues. There was much talk of fine potential and great acting skills and all were touted as future superstars. Turned out that they were talking about the see-how-adorable-I-am Amrita Rao, the hyperventilating Bipasha Basu, the perpetually semi-clad Priyanka Chopra and the I- know- what- you-did- last- summer Lara Dutta whose collective histrionic abilities would add up to about ten per cent of the talent of say, Madhuri Dixit. If these are the superstars of tomorrow, the Hindi film industry is in worse trouble than it knows. And oh, if you're wondering about the I-know-what-you-did bit to describe Miss Dutta, that was just another way to explain her pet expression, that standard knowing look. What exactly is it that she knows? Maybe we'll find out one day.


A picnic turns into a nightmare in Kittie Party (Zee) when an unknown assailant stabs Rewa (Kavita Kapoor) in the tummy. Since no one could carry the tubby Kavita, the poor girl had to walk to the car herself with some support from her kitty friends. And who wants her dead? Quite a few but this time it appears to be Vasundhara (Kunika) who swindled Rewa a while ago and disappeared from the scene. A few new entrants have made an appearance but all are equally lacklustre. The latest is a cartoon called Mallika who's supposed to be Rewa's old friend. Like Rewa and Manju (Poonam Dhillon), this one too is looking gooey-eyed at the resident hunk Kiran Kumar. Can someone please enlighten us what it is about KK that makes women swoon?

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