Most wanted

Most wanted

THE MERE whisper of Angelina Jolie attracted hundreds to the premiere of Wanted in Wafi City, as film buffs and fashionistas churned out to welcome this big budget action film that delves into the world of assassins.

Wanted may just well be the mustsee blockbuster of the decade, or an enormous waste of film reel.

Chances are it’s a deadly combination of the two, but you’ll love it anyway. If you can forget your ethics at the theatre door, the film will captivate you with its semi-unique blood-soaked storyline and surreal action sequences. While many expected Angelina Jolie to carry the flick, James McAvoy proves to be the secret weapon. A new recruit in Jolie’s sadistic and twisted world, McAvoy is transformed from apathetic accountant to explosive assassin.

The rising star is unapologetically morbid as he follows in dad’s chilling path of uninhibited killing, while Russian director, Timur Bekmambetov, allows us to follow the path of each orchestrated bullet.

At times unintelligible, for those who want to shut off their brains for a sweet taste of redefined American brute, Wanted is your guilty pleasure.

Be warned: Avoid the Red Bull that day; your head might explode from over-stimulation.

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