Madeline looks for better roles

LEBANESE ACTRESS Madeline Tabar admitted that she envied the character she played in the recent Ramadan drama series “Hanan and Haneen”, due to the fact that the character had a strong personality and never let her emotions get in the way.

The character “Mini”, which she played, always thought with her mind and never with her heart. The character Mini only showed her emotional side with her husband and with her daughter, because emotions have no place in her life.

Madeline had also stated that she believes viewers stopped watching the series when her role ended insinuating that the other characters had weak personalities. The actress revealed that she is grateful for acting alongside the well-known international actor Omar Al Sharif, and the role she had played was a giant step forward in her career.

After “Hanan and Haneen”, Madeline noted she will not return to television drama unless she is offered a major role and one that is written specifically for her character. The era of playing supporting roles has ended for her.

According to the London daily Elaph, Madeline revealed that she intends on entering the production world and plans on producing television dramas and films for the cinema. She did state that she will not play any role in the works she directs.

With regards to accepting roles in different films, she noted that until now all the roles she was offered did not suit her. Madeline said that she is capable of playing any role whether it is a comical, serious, or even seductive one. Yet she is not able to accept roles of a teenager, since the age difference is very evident and that would mean the role would be extremely superficial.

Madeline is confident of her ability as an actress and strongly believes that She believes that she is capable of taking on the role of directing. Madeline revealed that finally she has found a film in which the character she was nominated for suits her in every way. But due to numerous circumstances, six months into the production of the film, it was halted and so Madeline decided to buy the rights of the story of the film in order to produce it herself.

She stated that she will keep the same director, who was originally nominated to direct the work and that she will not interfere in any of the choices he makes. Madeline’s last cinema experience was when she played the role of a dancer in the film “La Ahad Yanam Fe Iskandaria” (Nobody sleeps in Alexandria). She believes that the role of the dancer was very hard on her since she did not know the lifestyle of a dancer. (

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