Lovelass in Mumbai

VIDYA BALAN's entry in the film industry was none too promising. Then to now, the actress has come a full circle. Is love finally happening in Vidya Balan's life? That is what you wonder as you listen to Vidya's caller tune — Gum hai kisi ke pyaar mein.

The actress takes but a few seconds to clear up any doubts. 'I have this song as my caller tune because I love the song, not because I am in love with somebody. I really love the way Rekha looks in this song,' she adds.

However, Vidya is no stranger to speculations about link-ups. She laughs, 'While shooting for Heyy Babyy, I told all my male colleagues — Akshay Kumar, Fardeen Khan, Ritiesh Deshmukh, Boman Irani and Sajid Khan — that they should be ready, for people will soon link me up with all of them. And if I would be linked with just one of them, it would be interesting to see which one.'

But what's with Vidya and her male colleagues? 'I guess I have so many alleged 'affairs' because I am not in a relationship. People think that my life can't be so dull and keep on doing their bit to perk it up,' the actress says.

Do these rumours really affect her equation with her male colleagues? 'By the time I was linked with John, we had already finished shooting for the movie. Even otherwise, it would not have been awkward as we know this is part of the package. But yes, I was a bit scared when I was linked with Sanjay Dutt. However, he is a very seasoned man and these things don't matter for him,' she says.

Then she laughs and adds, 'And to think that at one point of time I actually thought I was ugly and jinxed.'

How is that? 'That was at the beginning of my career. I was dropped from my first two South Indian films for undisclosed reasons. I was dropped from the third on the grounds of non-performance. By that time, I had stopped looking in the mirror. I was very low on self-confidence after all the rejections.'

But the jinx was not meant to last forever. 'The jinx finally broke after I did Euphoria's Kabhi aana tu meri gali. Pradeep Sarkar noticed me through this song and thought I had the potential. That brought back my confidence too,' she says.

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