London will be Shilpa's new home

THOUGH DISMISSING any immediate plans to do so, Shilpa said: "I do intend to buy my property there. It's a matter of practical convenience. If I'm going to be spending a large chunk of my time there I might as well get my own apartment in London, right?

Far more practical than staying in a hotel."

So does she plan to eventually make London her permanent home? "I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow. Life is so unpredictable. There're lots of things waiting to happen in London. I need the time to sit and decide what to do," Shilpa told IANS.

"Immediately now I'll be performing at IIFA (International Indian Film Academy awards at Yorkshire) and then attend the world premiere of my film 'Metro' in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Dubai, Toronto, Mumbai... Till the middle of May, my schedules are chock-a-block."

As for inviting Jade Goody, the big bully from "Celebrity Big Brother" TV reality show, for the 'Metro' premiere, Shilpa cuts down all such talk.

"I don't want the event to be overshadowed by a gimmicky Shilpa-Jade reunion. Besides inviting her would be a security hazard. It's (premiere) at the centre of London in Leicester Square."

Shilpa says she is still in touch with her friends at "Big Brother". "I do have an everlasting bonding with some of them. Germaine Jackson and I connect regularly. Yes, he might be coming to the 'Metro' premiere. My other friend from 'Big Brother', Ian MacKellan has his opening day for his play 'Fame' on the same day as the 'Metro premiere', so he won't be able to make it."

As for a film with Akshay Kumar, she says, "Somebody has come up with the idea of casting us together. But nothing definite. I've to be very careful about my moves. I'll be doing things that no one has done so far."

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