Quietly diminutive, and characteristically low profile, he radiates an inner peace that comes probably from knowing that he has done everything he can, to bring harmony in discord, to smooth ruffled feathers, and to activate positive energy.

By Anupama V. Chand

Published: Thu 29 Jan 2004, 10:45 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:45 AM

Pandit Gopal Sharma is a household name in India today. A renowned exponent of Vaastu and Feng-Shui, who counts among his clients no less than the Indian President and Prime Minister.

Pt. Sharma insists that Vaastu and Feng-Shui have little to do with religion, and everything to do with common sense!

"We are simply advocating living in harmony with nature, and suggesting corrections when something deviates from that symmetry, any intelligent man ought to be interested in this science," he said.

Asked, how people in the Gulf, most of them living in rented buildings, could change the 'Vaastu' and vibrations in their residences, Pt. Sharma said that every room had eight different corners - North, South, East, West, North East (NE), North West (NW), South East (SE) and South West (SW), with each of the eight corners suitable to one particular family member only.

"SW represents water, NW air, SE is the fire zone, and SW is the earth. When an employer sits in the NW direction his best laid plans are likely to come to nothing, as he is thinking literally in the air," he said.

Similarly allotting a room in the SW to a minor is not a good idea, as this is a room to be occupied by the head of the family, and makes a child unnecessarily stubborn. A child should be given a room in the NE direction, where water represents wisdom and retention.

In an office, a person seated immediately in front of a door is likely to be distracted and not able to concentrate much, while energies are concentrated at the back of the room, or one of the corners, where a person is seated with his/her back to a wall," he said.

Pointing out that this was his first visit to the UAE, to study the market, he said that corrective symbols like waterfalls, a wall clock or mirror should be positioned in the North, a yellow pyramid strategically positioned, or even wind-chimes, put up in the NW direction.

"Waterfalls, wind-chimes, these are all to create sound, which can translate into positive energy, even with chimes, care should be taken that they should be of the proper size, with five chimes for removing negative energy, or six chimes for adding positive energy, or seven chimes, if they are hung in the Western direction," Pt. Sharma said.

He said that it was important to have the numbers 2, 5, and 8, as part of one's date of birth, failing which one could put up a picture of a mountain in the SW direction of the living room, or wear silica crystals in a bracelet or chain form. Another positive energy tip he suggested was wearing a metal watch or bracelet, to increase the power the numbers 6 and 7 in one's birth chart, thereby improving interpersonal skills.

Among the other principles Pt. Sharma advocated for a harmonious life were never keeping the television, computer in one's bedroom, always making sure that a mirror in the bedroom does not reflect the images of the people who use the bed, never sleeping directly under the beam of the ceiling which can cause headaches, tension and disharmony, never sitting with one's back to the main entrance, never complaining in one's house, as this creates harmful 'Shar Chi' (fast-flowing inauspicious energy), placing a pair of mandarin ducks along with pink, pure quartz in the SW corner of the bedroom for increasing marital luck, never placing medicines in the kitchen if one wants to remain healthy, keeping a statue of a glowing laughing Buddha in front of the main entrance of the house as it is supposed to bring prosperity, never keeping a cactus plant within the house, as its painted thorns always give out bad vibrations that make a person sad, depressed and tired, and also ensuring that broken crockery is never kept in the house.

And for those romantically involved and inclined to present red roses to the object of their affections, Pt. Sharma has one word of caution: "Don't"! Red roses break up relationships, especially if they come with the thorns. For patients convalescing in hospitals, yellow roses are considered ideal. Red roses might actually lead to a worsening of the disease!

He also noted that in the kitchen, care should be taken to limit fire to the East, SE and Southern directions, while water should be used in the NE, North and Eastern directions. For career advancement, he noted that East group people should base themselves in the SE, South and North directions, while West group people would find NW, SW and NE favourable directions.

Pt. Sharma, who visited Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Northern Emirates during his first visit to the UAE also attended a special session organised by the Indian Ladies Association in Abu Dhabi. His next visit to the country is scheduled for mid-March 2004.

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