‘I never took a break’

Deepika Padukone on the difference between her role and real self

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Published: Sun 28 Nov 2010, 11:42 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 1:05 PM

DEEPIKA PADUKONE SAYS though she doesn’t connect to her character in Break Ke Baad, she took the challenge because she wanted to do something different from her previous roles.

“The way I think of a relationship is very, very different. Aaliya reacts without thinking; I am not like that. I am a little more sensitive; I think before I do something. Her professional side I connect with, but her personal side I don’t connect with,” Deepika, 24, said.

“Aaliya is very, very focussed about her career. She wants to achieve a lot for herself. She is independent and very ambitious and these are the characteristics that I identify with.

“But at the same time she is a girl who doesn’t believe in love, commitment, relationship and marriage. And she is also a little insensitive and immature and I don’t identify with these things,” said Deepika.

The actress says she doesn’t understand the concept of taking a break in a relationship. “Two people in a relationship should try to make it work. Personally I never took a break in a relationship. I don’t know what it means,” said Deepika who recently broke up with her actor boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor.

Asked if not getting space in a relationship means being over-possessive, she said: “Not necessarily. After doing the film, I realised that when people say let’s take a break that means there are a lot of problems in a relationship, but at the same time you love each other so much that you don’t want to let go completely either. So I think it’s a matter of convenience. On the one hand you want your freedom, but you also don’t let go of that person.”

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