Dino Morea is having the time of his life and says that he is open and available for love ... marriage of course, has to wait. Are they on, are they off? The blow hot, blow cold relationship between Dino Morea and designer Nandita Mahtani continues.

By N. Anadhi (Contributor)

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Published: Mon 14 Nov 2005, 1:34 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 3:06 PM

No one never really knows whether they are still going around. Morea's friends insist they are; he was even seen last month playing host at one of Mahtani's events, but they choose not to come out in the open. So, what's really happening?

Here's Morea unplugged.

Foremost, are you still on with Nandita? What's going on?

I thought you were going to ask me some challenging questions. But now that you have broached the topic, let me tell you specifically that I am single. I am open and available. I have always been a relationships person (laughs). I live my life with a positive attitude and I do not mind getting into a relationship if it is worth it. Otherwise, I am happy with my career.

Did we hear you say you enjoy relationships?

Of course I do. They are to be treasured. I enjoy flirting and it is very satisfying to have a girl who is devoted to you; you are devoted to her. It sounds all so romantic (laughs). You would say that I have gone mad but I am having the time of my life. I have never been so happy. My house these days resembles a bachelor's pad. I can do anything without being stopped. It is so fun. No one to crib, no one to shout at me. Yet the flipside is that you miss love.

Don't you feel like getting married?

I think I will get married in the next two or three years. Enough of bachelorhood. It is time to settle down. I would want to have kids and a lovely wife to go home to. I will take them on outings and I am sure it will be loads of fun. More than anything else, it will be a true family time.

Why don't you marry in the next two months?

See, marriage is no joke. I need a girl who I know very well. At least, someone who can understand me and will be beautiful of course (laughs). But primarily, I am looking at a decent career in films. I don't want to get distracted. Also, I don't want my wife to feel dejected because I know I won't be able to give her enough time.

Because you have so many films lined up?

Of course. I have been shooting non-stop. There are so many films coming up — Fight Club, Holiday and Tom Dick and Harry. But I promise that my wedding will be a grand affair. As of now though, let me please concentrate on films (laughs).

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