Dubai-based Glenn Perry pens song for victims of Coronavirus

Through the upbeat reggae-pop song Glenn Perry aims to raise awareness about the disease

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By Michael Gomes

Published: Sat 28 Mar 2020, 3:32 PM

Last updated: Sun 29 Mar 2020, 10:35 AM

Multi-talented singer-songwriter and founder/director of the Dubai Music School, Glenn Perry, who has been involved in several humanitarian efforts in the past, has  come out with a song dedicated to victims of Coronavirus.
Titled Live Like A Man, the song expresses that we are all a "vehicle of human assurance" and through it, Perry aims to bring hope, love peace and unity. The track has an upbeat reggae-pop flavour and raises awareness about the deadly disease. It tells people practices they should follow to get through the crisis. The video is influenced by current events that are taking place around the globe. Perry's song can be heard on
For Perry, music is his lone salvation in managing the pandemic. The song pays tribute to people who have lost their lives in this pandemic. "I feel terribly sorry for the victims of this disease - those who are suffering from it and those have lost their lives. I just cannot imagine how the families of the deceased must be feeling. I send my condolences, respect and love to them," he said.
Perry says the motivation to release the song originated from his own experiences while volunteering for global catastrophes like earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones and other calamities.
"I can't sit here (idle) while Coronavirus is wreaking havoc and taking lives. I needed to do something, so I created this song," said Perry.
"I need to make myself useful (to mankind). If any laboratory or researcher needs a volunteer to test a vaccine for the disease, call me. I'll be glad to take part in the test," he added.
Perry who suffered a massive brain stroke a few months back said that he has been seeing resistance from some individuals, people have been ignoring warnings and lockdowns. He wants people to understand that doing so can be a dangerous and they could be prone to infection.
"People should stop spreading gossip, instead they should spread awareness and mindfulness. Let us all get together and fight this monster. We can annihilate Coronavirus if we work together for a common objective. We can beat it! Let's combat this Armageddon by staying safe at home while  researchers find a fix for this deadly disease," Perry advised.

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