Be a good sport

Be a good sport

IN AN endeavour to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship in children and young adults, the Dubai Sports Council is organising the Sports zone at Modhesh Fun City’s East Hall.

Frequented by children, visitors here are trained in various sports like football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, chess, karate, and archery. They are also given fitness classes in the morning everyday.

Mahmoud Essam, the supervisor at the zone said, "Sport should be a very important part of our way of life. It is also one of the main ways to help children, young people and adults to keep fit and healthy and avoid becoming overweight. Many people do not get much exercise at work, and relax at home with the television, so being involved in some sport can make a big difference to their health.”

He added, "Involving oneself in competitive sports encourages healthy competition. Taking up captainship in team games inculcates leadership qualities. Playing as a team encourages co-operation among the players. It’s all about learning through play. We teach the participants the basics of the game of their interest and then proceed to train them in that sport so that they can compete at a certain level. On the weekends we organise team tournaments in basketball, football and volleyball. Teams of five, seven, and nine, square off against each other, with team members helping each other to win as a team. As they play, a group of onlookers gather and cheer for the teams. It’s a great way to share the sport and make friends along the way."

"Being a sportsman helps you to be confident, tolerant, and alert. The lessons you learn on the field can complement those from the books. Children should strike the right balance between academics and sports because only then can they be all-rounders and great leaders in the future," concluded Mahmoud.

Apart from catering to the general visitors at MFC, the sports zone is the hub of healthy recreation for the students from certain ministry schools who are spending quality time at MFC as part of their summer program. It also works closely with the members of the Modhesh Friend’s Club.

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