Angelica has no regrets

REMEMBERED BY almost everyone as a sweet-faced and cherubic child star—Angelica Panganiban posed for the men’s magazine Maxim. She did it, says Angelica, merely to prove a point: first, to remind people that she ....

By Aprylle Liabres (Contributor)

Published: Tue 3 Apr 2007, 10:53 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 11:45 PM

was now grown up, and second, to give her career a boost.

So when a second offer to pose for another magazine cover, this time for FHM, came along, she wasn’t sure she wanted to do it. She’d done it once, and made her point. Thanks to the attention that her Maxim cover generated, Angelica was able to do four movies last year—All About Love, White Lady, Pitong Dalagita and the Metro Manila Film Festival entry Matakot Ka Sa Karma. She also bagged the role of the master Rounin Aura in ABS-CBN’s latest tele-epiko Rounin, set to premiere on April 16.

“I admit, I thought twice about it,” she says of the FHM offer. "Doing my first cover was a big help [to my career] because even when I didn’t have a regular show, people were still talking about me. I was interviewed on TV Patrol and The Buzz, which meant I had TV exposure even without a regular show. They became my shows."

But after giving it some thought, Angelica finally decided to accept the FHM offer. As expected, it became the talk of the town again. It wasn’t as much of a shocker as the first one, but it was still newsworthy nonetheless.

Angelica has no regrets over what she did. "I’m not the type [to have regrets]. I chose to do it, and once I choose to do something, I don’t look back."

She is very excited over her role in Rounin, a mammoth production that took one and a half years to bring to the screen. As befits her more mature image, Angelica not only engages in physically-challenging fight scenes here, she also has intimate scenes with Luis Manzano who plays Juris, the strongest of the Rounin. Unfortunately, Juris’s greatest weakness is love. He has a forbidden relationship with Aura, Angelica’s character.

In real life, Angelica has no problems in the area of love. She is currently seeing actor and athlete Derek Ramsay. "I like him," confesses Angelica. "I like his attitude. He’s very respectful and he really takes care of you. He’s also very understanding and broad-minded, and I like that in a man.”

But when asked about the real state of things between them, Angelica turns coy, smiles and says she will reveal everything at the proper time.

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