A shirt that makes you smile

THE DAY won't be far when your psychiatrist prescribes a "bright green shirt, beige pants and a musk-fragrant jacket" along with your routine antidepressant. If final year NID student Preet Thakkar has his way, you will be wearing 'anti-depression' clothes to enliven your mood.

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Published: Thu 22 Mar 2007, 10:45 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 8:46 PM

shirtThakkar, an apparel designing and merchandising student who is working on the concept, says, 'The idea of anti-depression clothes hit me a year ago when I went through a stressful phase because of my father's surgery. Since then, I've wanted to help people suffering from depression; only I wanted to do it through the medium of design.'

Thakkar is developing this concept with the help of medical experts and psychiatrists, thereby learning about the possible clinical success of this project.

Thakkar's project of 'anti-depression' clothes was inspired by a research paper he read on clothes that heal. 'I feel that these clothes meet the needs of a modern lifestyle. I want to make clothes that are complementary to the doctor's medication. Besides clinical usage, this collection will also be for people who undergo a lot of stress and anxiety,' says Thakkar.

These clothes will be developed to stimulate the sense of touch, smell and sight. 'There are various kind of alternative therapies that are being researched. I plan to use these therapeutic techniques in my clothes, such as healing through colour, fragrance and even music,' says Thakkar.

He further says that these anti-depression clothes will be customised to suit the buyer's need and mood. 'The clothes will be stitched after understanding the person's history,' says Thakkar.

Says city-based psychiatrist Hansal Bhachech, who is assisting Thakkar in his project, 'Most of the things that Thakkar has proposed are interesting and workable clinically.'

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