A model Moss

A model Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss admits that she is amazed to see how long her career has lasted.

The 36-year-old catwalk queen has been modelling since she was 14 and admits she has no plans to retire anytime soon, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“How long will I keep modelling? I really don’t know - I didn’t even see myself lasting as long as I have. I did my first photo shoot at 16 and I thought that was it! I just really enjoy creating images and working with creative people. I love the whole process. So, for as long as I enjoy it, I’ll still do it. And as long as I’m still getting booked!” she told a magazine.

Moss believes one of the reasons she has lasted so long is her determination to assist photographers in getting the right shot, even when it can be a “humiliating” experience.

“I’ve watched Britain’s Next Top Model (BNTM) and things like that. The thing is, it takes a lot of learning to do this job. In BNTM, they put the contestants through the torture of what modelling can be like,” she said. “And it honestly can be really humiliating. I mean I’ve done crazy things - I’ve been in a bikini in minus -30 temperatures and you have to keep going until you get the shot. But that’s me - I will always keep going until I get the shot,” she added.

Moss already has her post retirement plans in place. She plans to open a school for aspiring models.

She feels posing for photographs isn’t as easy as it looks and modelling is an art form that must be taught to youngsters, reports dailystar.co.uk. “I think I could definitely open a modelling school. Kate’s Modelling School? Moss’ Models? Put Moss’ Models down! You need to see it (modelling) as a skill,” said Moss.

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