World of Web3 festival to highlight Web3 technology

The festival is set to start on March 12 and will run until March 18


Rohma Sadaqat

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The unparalleled digital alternative reality festival will feature a NFT gallery, Web3 Summit, and multi-dimensional outdoor performance - KT file
The unparalleled digital alternative reality festival will feature a NFT gallery, Web3 Summit, and multi-dimensional outdoor performance - KT file

Published: Fri 11 Mar 2022, 8:18 PM

Last updated: Fri 17 Jun 2022, 6:36 PM

The first-of-its-kind World of Web3 festival is set to take place in the UAE through a series of events that include the WOW Summit, a large NFT Gallery, Business Expo, and the Metafest, a multi-dimensional, immersive outdoor performance.

The festival, which is set to start on March 12 and run until March 18, aims to raise community understanding of the Web3 technology, its ascension in emerging markets, plus its impact on innovation, and life as we know it.

“One of the goals of the event is to raise awareness and spread information about the Metaverse and its endless possibilities to the local community,” said Guy Yanpolskiy, founder of GuyWay Events and the WOW Summit. “Together, and inspired, we can share visions, learn from each other, and make serious progress and discoveries about the virtual and alternative reality worlds, Blockchain, digital art, and crypto.”

He added that the Web 3.0 ‘Metaverse’ Virtual worlds have almost 50,000 all-time users - a 10X growth since the beginning of 2020. “I am certain the number will keep rising and fast. Virtual worlds are creating real-word value for developers, third-part creators, and users building these emerging market internet-native crypto cloud economies.”

The flagship event, WOW Summit, will be held from March 13-16 and is set to research the phenomena of an "Alternative Reality", with the first day of the summit focusing on the latest developments in the blockchain industry. The second day will look at the impact of Web3 on the creative industries through a series of talks. The finale will highlight the latest developments in the digital mining hardware and software industry.

The Pop-Up gallery at the festival is set to showcase one of the biggest NFT & Digital art shows in the emirates, featuring artworks from some of the world's leading digital artists, and curated collections from major galleries. The WOW Metafest, an all-immersive experience that will take the event into several dimensions, is a physical world with augmented reality and a metaverse accessible remotely through a digital twin. Visitors will get the opportunity to listen to virtual speakers, interact with 3D art objects, and receive complimentary digital art.

The WOW Business Expo will host some of the world’s leading blockchain tech industry companies, where they will be exhibiting their projects, offering complimentary consultations and one on one meetings, plus networking with interested WOW attendees.

“The raise of DeFi created a tremendous opportunity for the finance industry: people from around the global can borrow and lend funds cutting out traditional banks completely. But this gigantic opportunity is challenged by high gas fees and the problem of trust! Will the blockchain community be able to find a solution? I am curious to hear new voices at WOW summit 2022,” said Nils Tharandt Ortiz, CEO of Paypolitan

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