UAE the popular destination for expatriate workers

DUBAI — The UAE is expected to maintain its position as a popular destination among expatriate workers from all over the world this year, an online recruitment 
portal finds.

By Staff Report

Published: Sat 23 Jan 2010, 10:17 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 10:26 AM

The employment prospects in the country have increased by up to 8.3 per cent annually, according to, which maintains a huge database of various job candidates, that is increasing every day. The trend is reflected in the surge in the number of job applications from expatriates at the portal.

“Expatriates account for over 90 per cent of the entire working population of the UAE. This key statistic provides a clear picture of what really drives the country’s job market. Several junior, mid-level and senior-level professionals from different countries continue to actively search for gainful employment opportunities in the UAE and this has in turn helped several business organisations in the country to maintain a highly competent pool of manpower resources,” Sudeshna Mukherjee, General Manager,, said.

The portal further revealed that the unique situation of the UAE job market, which has been dominated by expatriate workers, has prevented it from being adversely affected by the global economic downturn, ensuring a steady supply of experienced professionals and international executives from the US, Europe, South Africa, Africa, Asia and the rest of the Middle East.

Furthermore, proactive services and support facilities have helped maintain strong international interest in the UAE job market, as pointed out that it has received an overwhelming response to its innovative products and solutions that provide both employers and job seekers an extremely convenient, efficient and cost-efficient platform for recruitment. pointed out that 91.5 per cent of the working population of the UAE is made up of expatriates, a trend that is echoed in several countries across the GCC. The high concentration of foreign workers has been a key factor that has made the Gulf region one of the most dynamic and active job markets in the world.


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