Dubai centre gets good response at floriculture show in Amsterdam

DUBAI - The recent presentation of the Dubai International Flower Centre at the Floriculture Exhibition held in Amsterdam, Holland, has attracted over 120 prospective clients, with some of them ready to sign a contract on the spot, according to a top official from Dubai Cargo Village (DCV). To be built within DCV the new centre is gaining popularity among international floriculture community.

By Jamila Qadir

Published: Fri 30 Jan 2004, 12:01 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:19 AM

Ali Al Jallaf, director of DCV said that the centre had got a tremendous response at the Floriculture Exhibition held in Amsterdam late last year, where DCV's International Flower Centre was presented in a unique manner that attracted many delegates who attended the exhibition, with many of them evincing a keen interest in the project.

According to Al Jallaf, the presentation of the Flower Centre was so well carried out that it attracted over 120 prospective clients, who in turn were so impressed that convinced others to take a look at the latest development at DCV. The three-dimension presentation at the DCV stand also included information about cost and how to set up offices at the new Flower Centre.

He said: "These 120 visitors, who came to our stand, did not come to just have a look around, but we sat and explained to them about the Flower Centre. Although some of them wanted to sign a contract on the spot, everybody has to apply first and it is after scrutinising the application for certain criteria that we will be able to sign contracts. We would like to have companies with proven track record of business."

A whole spectrum of businessmen involved in the floriculture industry participated in the exhibition, including flower growers, those involved in breeding of the flowers and those on the technical side. Al Jallaf said that the Dubai International Flower Centre was planning to participate in more international exhibitions in a hope to attract the best within the indsutry.

The Dubai International Flower Centre, an integral part of DCV, is an ultramodern facility designed to meet the needs for floriculture industry in the region. It will be constructed in three phases. Part of it will have full free zone status.

Phase One to be completed mid this year, will offer a footprint of 10,000 square metres for live operations. Each phase of the facility will be designed to handle more than 150,000 tonnes of fresh flowers and other horticultural perishables.

The whole facility will comply with international standards of floriculture.

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