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Mohammad Hashim Faisal Vahedna
Mohammad Hashim Faisal Vahedna

Mohammad Hashim Faisal Vahedna, CEO at Vahedna Trading Company talks about the growth and trajectory of the company over the years

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Published: Wed 30 Nov 2022, 11:23 AM

Mohammad Hashim Faisal Vahedna, CEO at Vahedna Trading Company, feels blessed to have been guided and patronised by his father Mohammad Faisal Yusuf Vahedna, a visionary leader and great business personality apart from being an ideal and real-life example of a success story in the UAE.

“My father started the business in 1996 with humble beginnings in the narrow, but brisk business-friendly lanes of Sabkha, Deira and grew the business to these heights where presently, there are five companies under the Vahedna Group umbrella in Dubai and globally,” said Vahedna.

Vahedna Group started with the establishment of Vahedna General Trading LLC in the Deira area in Dubai. Currently, there are five companies under the flagship of Vahedna; these are Vahedna Trading Co LLC (VTC); Vahedna Gulf FZE (VGF); Vahedna Middle East FZE (VME); Vahedna Foods and General Trading FZC (VFG); and Vahedna Properties (VP), which is in the pipeline at the moment. In addition to this, there is a jewellery business and real estate projects also.

VTC and VME are the leading entities in the business of branded mobile trading in the region, while the same applies to VGF in the field of electronics and home appliances. VFG is a relatively new venture of Vahedna Group in the food products business, which is slowly and steadily maturing by keeping the base strong and the group values intact. “Other businesses like Vahedna Properties etc. are in the pipeline, but we are confident of launching them successfully by capitalising on the core values of the group, the vast experience garnered over the decades, and our valuable team members who we consider the backbone of our growth and success,” he added.

Core Business Area

Over more than a quarter century, Vahedna has become one of the most trusted name in the trading business of electronics, home appliances and mobiles. Recently, the group also expanded its business operations in the area of food products, while not compromising on the quality of service and have also ventured into many real estate projects as well.

“The Vahedna name is synonymous with trust, quality of service and products due to the seriousness of the management to maintain the highest values, based on true principles of Islam and we consider that as our best asset and competence. We believe that the customer is always right,” he said.

On the role of technology, Vahedna said: “In these changing times where the technology is driving every aspect of all businesses, we are always striving to keep ourselves up to date with the current technological trends like ERP etc. so as to avoid being left behind in this fast-paced world.”

He also added that during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, they had launched a food business branch, keeping in mind the priority to maintain highest level of quality and safety standards for human consumption in items such as rice, oils, lentils, etc. while striving to offer most affordable pricing.

Vahedna said that his father has always been passionate about the property and real estate business, but had mostly kept it to a personal level. Now, he is planning to take his father’s passion to the next level by making it an official and professional expansion of Vahedna Group soon.

Facing Obstacles

Looking back at the challenges and roadblocks faced by the group, Vahedna said: “First of all, thanks to Allah Almighty and then to the great visionary leadership of the UAE. No work is easy in starting, but where is a will, there is a way. There have been various challenges, but we believe in positivity and have always looked forward rather than dwell on the past. So, I would only like to say that our sustenance and growth is evidence enough of us overcoming all the challenges successfully,” said Vahedna.

“We all are aware of the challenging times the world is facing, but I sincerely believe that if our resolve is strong, our values remain intact and we keep our sight on the bigger picture, then there are no obstacles which cannot be overcome and we can keep growing and expanding,” said Vahedna.

Competitive Edge

“As mentioned before, we place the highest level of trust in our quality of service and products and show the utmost commitment in all our dealings, which are based on core teachings of business by Islam and we firmly believe that this has always been our core competitive edge, in addition to having a long-term and far-sighted business strategy, we value our team members and give them due respect and acknowledge their services,” he added.

Vahedna said that the group is interested in expanding and increasing its presence globally. “Presently, many negotiations are underway, which we will disclose when the time comes and we believe that growth and success are the real disclosures for any business or project” he said.

“I would like to stress on the fact that I owe all this success to my father, who has been a true visionary, perfect mentor and a self-made man and it is my responsibility now to take Vahedna Group to next level under his continued mentorship and, ofcourse, by grace of the Almighty.”


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