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Embark on the remarkable journey of Bhola Nath Mukherjee, Managing Director of PowerFlow Middle East, and how his company is reshaping the region's industrial landscape through a commitment to staying relevant


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Bhola Nath Mukherjee,Managing Director of PowerFlow Middle East
Bhola Nath Mukherjee,Managing Director of PowerFlow Middle East

Published: Thu 28 Sep 2023, 11:10 AM

POWERFLOW MIDDLE EAST has emerged as a pioneering force in the Middle East's industrial landscape. With a background dating back to 1990 in the sales and service activities of WOMA Duisburg, Germany, Bhola Nath Mukherjee, Managing Director, PowerFlow Middle East, journey culminated in establishing PowerFlow Middle East LLC.

Taking us through his golden years of life, Mukherjee reminisces about his professional journey. " I established PowerFlow Middle East LLC as a new company in the Al Ghail Industrial Area with RAK registration as Managing Director for Sales and Services of WOMA Duisburg, Germany, to make water-jetting units with credit supports. The WOMA Company has known me since 1990 when I was associated with its sales and services activities in other Middle Eastern countries and India. Along with WOMA Germany, I had a good rapport with companies such as Gardner Denver USA and Vac-Con USA. I was closely associated with sales promotions of Oil and Gas Industries and maintenance equipment of IDROJET Italy in my above said regions."


PowerFlow Middle East LLC stands out by providing imported machinery, refurbishing them locally, and even manufacturing jetting and vacuum units in-house, leveraging competitive pricing and unmatched expertise. The commitment to staying technologically relevant is evident through regular international exhibitions and factory visits. Discussing about the services company provides, Mukheree added that the PowerFlow is not a contracting company but an authorised distributors for sales and services of WOMA Duisburg, Gardner Denver USA, Vac-Con USA and IDROJET Italy. He said: “I have managed to get some demo equipment and accessories from these parent companies for PowerFlow in our RAK Facility. We rent equipment fleet to our clients to meet company's monthly expenses. Further, we sell spare parts and new equipment from the USA and Europe and earn dealers' commissions. In addition to the above incomes, we also fabricate PowerFlow jetting units and PowerFlow vacuum trucks/trailers by importing basic components from our parent companies and additionally other components from the UAE market to fully make the machines ready for sale to Middle East Market clients directly. In this way, it helps us to build up PowerFlow ICV contribution progressively.

Mukherjee envisions a promising future for PowerFlow ME, with plans to collaborate with financially robust partners to enhance production capacity, expand product ranges, and increase sales efforts across the Middle East and even beyond. Under Mukherjee's adept leadership, PowerFlow extraordinary trajectory indicates a commitment to further revolutionise the industrial equipment and services sector within the region. As for Mukherjee's vision for the next five years, their commitment to import substitution and innovation will likely lead to significant growth, projecting a 40 per cent increase in business over the next five years. the company's outstanding achievements primarily revolve around replacing imported heavy machinery in use across various Middle Eastern industries, including oil, fertiliser, cement, municipalities, sea ports, and alumina plants. These accomplishments not only enhance the company's profitability but also significantly contribute to its impressive In-Country Value (ICV).

He further added: “We have a plan to take another company with higher financial strength as a partner. We will try to increase our RAK facility productivity by pre-stocking some machine building components to improve the delivery time of finished machines. Further with an additional sales team of partner company, we propose to do more sales canvassing of our own machines sales throughout ME. In recent years, we have been getting sales inquiries and orders from Vietnam, Indonesia etc. Thus, we may put a sales representative in that region on a commission basis. Gradually we will increase our assembled MCs product range also for business volume increase. Further, we may also add some more rental equipment in consultation with the partnership company, to improve monthly cash flow from rental.”


Mukherjee further emphasises the pivotal role of technology in PowerFlow ME's operations. The company's focus on simple, proven technologies ensures ease of understanding for clients and facilitates post-sales support. "We always try to go for proven simple technologies, which the common man understands. Then it becomes easy for after-sales repairs and training of clients' personals. I always attend the IFAT Munich Exhibition, Water-Jet Exhibition in the USA and Pumpers Show Exhibition in the USA every year for the machinery we manufacture in the RAK facility ourselves. This help us to stay up to date with new equipment developments. Also time to time, I visit our European and US manufacturers' factories to watch how they perform.

Mukherjee highlighted PowerFlow's notable accomplishments by referring to the significant milestones, including the development of competitive 'Dry and Wet' Heavy Duty Super Suckers used by prominent entities such as ADNOC Contractors, Emirates Steel Contractors, UAE Ports, Cement Plants, and Fertiliser Plants. Additionally, the company has successfully introduced Sewer Cleaning Truck Mounted Heavy Duty Combi-Units, which gained popularity among Municipality Contractors in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai due to their cost-effectiveness, ease of operation, and minimal maintenance requirements. PowerFlow's assembly of WOMA Germany UHP Diesel Jetting MCs at its RAK Facility further contributed to its success, offering competitive pricing, timely deliveries, and simplified maintenance. Moreover, the initiation of a training and certification programme for jetting and vacuum operators garnered recognition from major clients across the UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait. These achievements underscore PowerFlow's commitment to innovation and client-focused solutions.

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