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Mouteih Chaghlil, CEO of Middle East and Africa
Mouteih Chaghlil, CEO of Middle East and Africa

Mouteih Chaghlil, CEO of Middle East and Africa - Bespin Global, speaks on how he is driven to help as many companies as possible transform digitally by adopting cloud

Published: Mon 22 Mar 2021, 7:41 PM

How important is the Middle East market for Bespin Global and what are your plans for

the region? 

The establishment of our regional headquarters, as well as two innovation centres in Abu Dhabi, is a commitment to the Middle East and firm support for the dynamism and the environment that we believe is the ideal setting for businesses and startups to grow and expand. Ultimately, we want to be part of this exciting growth because it resides at the heart of digital transformation. The national strategic visions such as UAE Vision 2021, Saudi Vision 2030, New Kuwait Vision 2035 among others, embrace technology and innovation for future progress and we want to be a

technology partner for these initiatives and businesses by helping them modernise their IT infrastructure, enable them digitally and help them achieve their goals in supporting national and regional growth.

We also have set short-term and long-term objectives, as part of our recent partnership with Abu Dhabi Investment Office, where we are committed to developing talent by empowering youth in the tech industry, build state-of-the-art cloud operation centres and incorporate the Bespin Academy to help encourage research and development.

Which sectors do you expect to help fuel the growth of your products and services and why?

We see endless opportunities in providing our offerings to enterprises from various industries but our initial focus is on sectors such as energy, finance, aviation and retail. These businesses are at the forefront of digital transformation in our region, especially with the increased demand to provide smart and efficient digital services driven by the adaptions to lives and businesses that have come about as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What are the biggest challenges organisations face when it comes to cloud adoption and how is Bespin Global addressing these challenges? 

Bespin Global has been working with enterprises from all over the Middle East, Korea, China and Singapore to understand and address the main challenges they are facing. In the Middle East four challenges have come to light:

Maintaining their current investments is the primary challenge. Due to the pandemic, both enterprise and customer workloads have witnessed a great increase which required setting a balance between maintaining their current investments and procuring the right cloud solutions to support this increased demand. 

Secondly, having the right expertise to deliver the migration from both a business and a technical perspective. 

Thirdly, overcoming infrastructure limitations is proving to be a challenge. Specifically, connectivity and bandwidth in the MEA region are either unavailable (due to lack of infrastructure) or are a financial burden for many organisations. 

And lastly, the compliance, regulation and laws that govern data residency and security.

What are the key differentiators for Bespin Global in the managed service provider market?

Bespin Global is a certified cloud managed service provider with a great focus on public cloud offerings and efficient global service delivery that relies on automation and DevOps practices. Bespin Global has also developed its own monitoring system called "OpsNow" to help businesses control cloud costs and manage multi-cloud environments. Bespin's distinction depends above all on its large number of skilled, highly certified, and qualified cloud experts and their wide experience and knowledge in the industry. Not to mention, that the company has been listed on Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud infrastructure for four years in a row, and achieved top partnerships with cloud service providers, such as achieving the Premier Consulting Partner for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure MSP Expert, and Premier Google Cloud Platform.

From your experience, how vital is it for businesses to be agile and reactive in order to keep pace with the changing technology and consumer world?

Businesses nowadays are becoming tech-dependent in trying to respond to a fast-paced and demanding consumer market.

As a result, the agility and ability to answer today's needs are not only vital for businesses to grow but also crucial for their continuity. 

For cloud computing, for instance, new technologies in the near past needed at least one or two years to be ready for use in the market, due to either hardware upgrade requirements or complex software upgrade paths. Today, customers can get new features and products simply by refreshing web browsers. Bespin Global's team has demonstrated its ability to provide its customers with the best user experience by achieving the Amazon Web Services DevOps partner of the year 2020.



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