BIT Summit Sets a Promising Precedent for Industry Innovation

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Biswajit Dasgupta,Chief Investment Officer, Asas Capital
Biswajit Dasgupta,Chief Investment Officer, Asas Capital

The financial landscape is undergoing a seismic shift with the emergence of fintech companies

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Published: Fri 22 Dec 2023, 11:30 AM

FINTECH TUESDAYS, a burgeoning community focused on fostering innovation within the banking and fintech sectors across the GCC, recently concluded its first-ever Banking and Fintech Summit in collaboration with Khaleej Times and WeValue. The event marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of FinTech Tuesdays mission to connect minds, networks, and capital to accelerate the fintech journey in these regions.

One of the standout features of the summit was the active involvement of Fintech Tuesdays members. Nearly 20 per cent of the speakers and panelists were sourced from this community, emphasising its integral role in curating quality content and contributing to the success of the event. The summit aimed to build a collaborative ecosystem comprising innovators, executives, founders, investors, and industry commentators, all driven by a shared goal of propelling innovation within the Banking & FinTech sectors.

Attendees and speakers alike praised the summit for its seamless logistics, immersive experiential aspects, and most notably, the exceptional quality of speakers and content.

Girish Advani echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the infectious energy that pervaded the venue, fostering valuable reconnections within the industry. The summit's success was further accentuated by Hemant Patel's observation that the experience was not just engaging but also intimately connected with the attendees, creating an environment ripe for meaningful discussions.

Veterans of the financial services industry, such as Malik Sarvar, found the content to be insightful and valuable, marking a testament to the summit's relevance and depth. The fireside chat on payments featuring Nandan Mer from Network Int’l and Muzaffar from Mercury stood out as a highlight for Kunal Jhunjhunwala, underscoring the summit's ability to showcase industry-specific expertise.

The diversity of panels, specifically in the HR domain, drew praise from Priyanka Dalvi, highlighting the summit's commitment to inclusivity and varied perspectives. Moreover, the MENA Fintech report delivered by McKinsey was regarded as a significant coup for the event by Mathew Thomas, underlining the summit's ability to attract to offer a platform for launching influential insights and analysis from top-tier organisations.

The professionalism and execution of the summit did not go unnoticed, as Mohd Al Hawar commended it as a "class act," especially considering it was the inaugural event. Saeed Al Mussalam encapsulated the overall sentiment by applauding the two days of enlightening sessions and the enriching networking opportunities they provided.

Looking ahead, the anticipation for BIT'24 in Riyadh, Doha, and Dubai is palpable within the fintech community. The success of the inaugural summit has set the stage for future events to further drive industry collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange across these thriving regions.

Fintech Tuesdays' maiden summit not only showcased the community's dedication to fostering collaboration but also its ability to deliver a world-class event that resonated deeply with attendees. The positive feedback from industry veterans, newcomers, and thought leaders underscores the impact and potential of such initiatives in propelling the fintech landscape forward.

In conclusion, the resounding success of Fintech Tuesdays' inaugural summit serves as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives in catalysing innovation, fostering meaningful connections, and propelling the banking and fintech sectors towards a future brimming with possibilities of more collaborations focused to deliver joint customer solutions.

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