Zomoruda Planet a hotspot for children

DUBAI - The Zomoruda Planet at the Modhesh Fun City, where the little ones can enjoy games and workshops organised by Spacetoon, has become one of the main attractions during the Arts Surprises theme week.

By (By a staff reporter)

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Published: Tue 22 Jun 2004, 9:50 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 2:01 PM

The activities lined up at the Planet are in line with the various theme weeks of the Dubai Summer Surprises and it encompasses a range of useful and fun events which are aimed at educating and encouraging the little ones to hone their skills for the future.

Laila Al Jassim, Manager of Modhesh Fun City, said, "The Zomoruda Planet has come back with a new episode on Spacetoon, the popular television channel. The Planet, which is a part of the DSS for the first time, has been set up within the Modhesh Fun City because we wanted to woo the young girls to the excitement in store. Basically, all the activities in the zone focuses on augmenting the various hobbies and interests of the young girls like embroidery, drawing, colouring, etc and we have been receiving visitors from all age-groups, nationalities and region."

She added that the idea of the Zomoruda Planet stemmed from the eagerness of the girls to play a major role in the Dubai Summer Surprises activities. "The events planned at the Planet are all aimed at encouraging the little ones to practise and honing their skills and creativity. The response we have received has far exceeded our expectations, which reflects the success of our endeavour to have something lined up for the girls," added Laila.

Zoya Apai, one of the Supervisors at the Planet, said the Planet has received an enthusiastic response from the children of different nationalities and age groups. "The coordinated work, participation and the feeling of working and learning together, which the Planet epitomises through its activities, has gone a long way in making it one of the success stories of DSS 2004," she added.

Zoya further said that the first week at the Planet is called the Colouring Week, during which the children are being taught the finer nuances of colouring. As part of the week's activities, the little ones are working on different ideas, colouring paper plates, drawing shapes, colouring bags which are later put on display at the various kiosks in the planet, she said, adding that every child receives a beautiful gift from Spacetoon, which is being sponsored by Zomoruda Perfumes.

"Apart from this, the kids are also given an idea and asked to develop on it. As part of this, the kids are asked to put down their ideas on greeting cards addressed to their loved ones. Later on, the children are asked to colour the greeting cards. This helps us to gauge their levels of creativity. Interestingly, we observed that a majority of these cards are addressed to the mothers," Zoya said.

She said that the Planet would continue to host a wide array of activities during the entire duration of DSS that focus on a host of fun, knowledge, educational and exciting events. Every week will have something unique to offer, and will address a different theme. Some of the events lined up at the Planet include Sewing, Drawing, Embroidery, Floral Arrangement, Toy Making, Art of Re-using Obsolete Things, Bead Work (exclusive for girls) and Fancy Dressing-up.

"The zone has been organised in a very attractive manner, creating the ambience of a park, interspersed with a lot of colourful flowers. Apart from this, portraits of famous Spacetoon characters like Sandy Pal, Haneen have been put up all over the Planet, along with small chairs and tables in bright colours, creating the right kind of atmosphere for the little ones to enjoy," said Zoya.

The Planet has truly succeeded in its efforts, going by the enthusiastic response of the kids who have made a beeline to it, right from Day One. Six-year-old Lama Mansour from Lebanon has been completely bowled over by the Zomoruda Planet and its range of exciting activities. "I really love Zomoruda Planet and I visit it practically everyday and I have a good time with my friends. I have made some sketches and coloured them; under the instructions of the Supervisor, I designed a greeting card addressed to my parents," said Lama.

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