Video: Karachi cop who killed PSX attacker gives first-hand account of encounter

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Dubai - 'I started firing at the attackers and managed to kill one of them'

By Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 29 Jun 2020, 2:15 PM

Last updated: Mon 29 Jun 2020, 4:20 PM

Constable Khalil and M. Rafiq from the Rapid Response Force Sindh Police were the first to respond to the attacks at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)  and they were able to neutralise the four assailants who had stormed the stock exchange in Karachi on Monday.
"I started firing at the attackers and managed to kill one of them," said one of the policemen, who was part of the forces, in a Twitter clip.
"Another attacker was shooting at us from inside. I then stopped firing and he hid behind. After that we made a plan - two of us (policemen) would be firing at the attacker from front while one of the policemen would be giving us cover. Soon, I spotted the second attacker and I fired at him. Two bullets from my gun hit wounded. I then shot at his hand and disarmed him, but he tried to reach out to another gun. I then shot him on his head and he fell down on the ground," he added.  

"As soon as he fell down, the other two attackers started running in front of us. I shot one of them on his back and wounded him. Then my colleagues, who were stationed in front, apprehended them," said the brave policeman.
According to reports, the attackers were armed with grenades and automatic weapons. However, all four of them were killed in the encounter with security forces.

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