This Indian school has two teachers, a cook for lone student

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The problem of low student-teacher ratio is prevalent across the county.

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Published: Fri 24 Jan 2020, 2:31 PM

Last updated: Sat 25 Jan 2020, 7:16 PM

A government school in Bihar, India, is facing a bizarre situation as it has only one student enrolled with two teachers and a cook. The school pays about Rs 58,000 for the two teachers employed and Rs 1,500 for the cook.
According to reports in Hindustan Times, the problem of low student-teacher ratio is prevalent across the county, but in Bihar's Gaya is it uttermost. It is also reported that parents enroll their children in private schools as the quality of education is better compared to state government-run schools. 
The Mansabigha government primary school, about 22 km south from Gaya district, is a one-storeyed with four classrooms and a kitchen to cook mid-day meals for students. However, there are two teachers to teach the lone student named, Jhanvi Kumari, and a cook who prepares mid-day meal for her. 
The only student gets special attention of the two teachers and the cook. "Sometimes the food for her is even brought from nearby hotel to feed her, as preparing for only one student sometimes becomes a difficult task," said one of the teachers Priyanka Kumari. She added that although nine students had enrolled in the school, just one attended classes.
The village panchayat head, Dharmaraj Paswan, said that residents were more inclined towards taking 'quality education' from private schools that are in plenty in the locality.
For example, the other teacher, Satyendra Prasad, who is also the in-charge principal, has reportedly stopped attending school after his educational qualifications came under scrutiny. 
"His (Prasad) educational qualifications are under scrutiny for submitting forged documents to the education department," said district education official, Mustafa Hussain Mansuri. While the district development officer, Uday Kumar, expressed surprise over the single student school and said he will initiate inquiry into the matter.

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