Strengthening mind & body

Strengthening mind & body
Beshly Syam, CEO

Ontario Wellness Ayurvedic Centre offers holistic care paired with the science of healing

Ontario Wellness Ayurvedic Centre, set in the vicinity of Burj Khalifa, practices an ancient concept of healing and Ayurvedic retreat that is deeply rooted in Indian tradition.
Featuring a peaceful sanctuary dedicated to physical purification and health, our aim is to restore harmony within body and mind, so that each person can live a life of the fullness of health and vitality, and realise their greatest human potential.
Entering its sixth year of holistic care, the centre specialises in authentic ayurvedic treatment and Panchakarma (detox) that brings the best solutions for detoxification, rejuvenation, paralysis, weight loss, slimming programmes, anti-ageing, and beauty care therapies, to name a few.
The treatments follow the guideline of expert ayurvedic doctors, and the centre provides a full detox course to the body and mind in systematic way as mentioned in the ayurvedic classics.
Among the popular treatments at the centre is the Rasayana (anti-ageing) therapy, where during the course of treatment, the person receives both internal medicines and external treatment to improve the health and immunity.
Ontario Wellness Ayurvedic Centre is strongly dedicated to genuine care and aims to achieve good health and well-being.
With professional training in anatomy, physiology and medical sciences, the centre utilises global diagnostic methods, integrating western medical knowledge with traditional eastern medicine. All practitioners abide by strict codes of safety, confidentiality and ethics.
"By knowing one science alone, one cannot arrive at a proper conclusion. Therefore, a physician should study other sciences in order to arrive at a correct diagnosis." (Ayurvedic classical text: Susruta Samhita Sutrasthana 4.6)
Healing begins when you decide to understand yourself better. Your natural constitution, lifestyle, diet and history governs what creates illness and generates wellness.
Ayurveda identifies deviations from this natural state, which lead disease and disharmony. Understanding the natural forces that govern your body helps to creates the holistic approach used in all Ayurvedic treatments.

Syam Viswanath, chairman
Syam Viswanath, chairman

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