Six months' time for completing work permit procedure

DUBAI - Companies which fail to complete the procedure for obtaining work permits for employees recruited from abroad within six months from the date of receiving preliminary approval from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs will be denied employment visa, according to a circular issued by Dr Khalid Al Khazraji, the ministry's Under-Secretary for Labour Affairs.

By Sanaa Maadad

Published: Sun 23 Feb 2003, 2:57 AM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 10:26 PM

The circular is aimed to curb some malpractices by companies which approach the ministry for new employment visas and when they obtain the permit and bring the worker into the country they tend to ignore the completion of other procedures such as obtaining the labour card.

"We have noticed that while these companies fail to obtain labour cards for the employees they recruit abroad, they approach us with new applications for new employment visas," a source told Khaleej Times yesterday.

The source said that companies which resorted to such malpractices were believed to be involved in visa trading.

"A company has to pay only Dh200 at the time of filing an application for a work permit. The rest of the required fee of Dh1,000 is payable after receiving the approval and upon obtaining the labour card for the employee," the source said.

Under the rules the ministry's approval is valid for 60 days during which the company has to bring the employee into the country and get his labour card.

If a person for whom the permit was issued cannot come, the company can get the permit replaced free of charge for another worker in the same profession and of the same sex and nationality.

Requiring completion of formalities and work permit procedures for the issuing of new visas will force companies to follow regulations.

The circular prevents the ministry staff from accepting applications for new visas or other applications from a company that has failed to complete the work permit procedures or to get it cancelled it within the six-month grace period. The ministry's staff can accept applications from errant companies only if there is a written approval from the under-secretary for labour affairs or from the assistant under-secretary.

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