Sharjah used car dealers protest against towing away of their vehicles

SHARJAH — The owners of used car showrooms in Abu Shagara gathered yesterday at the Sharjah Municipality office to protest against the civic body’s move to tow away used cars parked in non-parking zones. The protesters demanded an immediate solution to the cars towed away by the municipality as the action had resulted in losses in business.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 31 May 2006, 11:13 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 1:53 PM

Speaking to your favourite No. 1 newspaper Khaleej Times, Thabit Al Turaifi, Secretary of the Sharjah Municipal Council, said that firstly the used car showroom owners had no right to protest outside the municipality as they had parked their cars in spaces maintained for residential buildings, which is considered a violation of the traffic rules.

The municipality is receiving several calls from the public about their sufferings because of used cars occupying all the parking lots in the vicinity, leaving no space for ambulances, police cars, or fire fighting vehicles in cases of emergency. These used car showrooms were each given parking spaces by the municipality to park their used cars, but they are not satisfied with the allocated space. They started using the residents’ parking spaces to park their used cars.

Several warnings had been issued to the used car showroom owners to stop the practice, but it fell on deaf ears. As a result, the municipality, through its campaign, has started to tow away a large number of used cars, specially of the owners violating the civic body's regulations. The municipality had offered the parking lots as a temporary solution until the used car owners moved to the new used cars market located in Al Ruqqa Al Hamra which is under construction, Al Turaifi said.

The municipality had given them one month time to organise their business and issued them four more parking spaces away from Abu Shagara to park their extra cars until they moved to the new market. Al Turaifi disclosed: “We asked them to form a committee to communicate with the municipality officials any problems they may face in the future, instead of using protests to negotiate the issue. The municipality, from its side, also formed a committee to follow up on this problem.” The solution, which was given to them, would not affect the residents of Abu Shagara, but would be in their interests as well, he added. The municipality’s main objective is to ensure peace and stability for the public in the emirate, so that it always works out a solution to solve public problems.

Mohammed Amjad, owner of Al Hikmah Used Cars Show room said that the municipality towed away seven of my cars and charged me Dh500 fine and Dh300 recovery fee. “I ended up paying a lot of money which made me lose not only my profit, but also my capital invested in starting the business. The cars were parked on the road as the space given to me by the municipality was not enough for displaying the cars for sale.”

Siddiqi Rahman, owner of Al Taqwa showroom, said: “It’s very difficult for us to keep the business runing in this situation, as we are wasting our time and efforts, because the little profit we make goes in the payment of fines to the municipality which daily tows our cars away.

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