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Let’s face it, Mac users; it’s time that you secured your Mac and the information on it. Actually, more importantly, it’s time to make sure that you don’t spread malware on to other users, whether they are Mac, Windows or Linux users.

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Published: Sat 13 Nov 2010, 11:47 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 3:52 AM

I actually wrote about this a couple of months ago, concluding that this was not a time for Mac users to be complacent and believe that they’re invulnerable. Over the last few weeks that belief has just grown stronger as I’ve talked to representatives of many of the biggest companies making security software for personal computers.

The problem facing us Mac users as well as anyone else connecting to the Internet today with a computer, smartphone or any other electronic device, really, is that the bad guys have moved on. It used to be that they attacked and exploited the operating system we used; now instead they attack applications and services.

That means that Mac OS X, as well as Windows, is less of a target in itself today, and Web browsers and what we run in our Web browsers is the target. Apple’s Web browser Safari and the Adobe PDF plug-in are good examples of this.

Since many Web browsers are available for multiple platforms, including Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, this becomes an even more real threat. When talking to some guys from Trend Micro they told me that they see an increased threat to the Mac platform and that all Mac users should take measures today to protect themselves and their data. That’s backed up by representatives of other companies, who all paint a unified picture of Apple’s platforms moving higher up on malware makers’ list of targets.

Since we’ve still not really seen anything in the wild attacking Macs, meaning among regular users, it’s hard to know what security solution is the best, which one will offer you the best protection. That’s why I say it doesn’t matter much which one you get, but get some kind of protection for your Mac. There are many good commercial solutions from Trend Micro, Intego, Symantec, McAfee, ESET and others. There are also free alternatives, including one from Sophos.

Several of these companies offer solutions for both Mac and Windows. Since so many Mac users also run Windows, whether it’s on their Mac or on a PC, it may be an idea to select an application that runs on both platforms. For example, Symantec offers a Dual Protection bundle, which has both Mac and Windows software included.

It may be that you say that these companies are just out to make money and in a way you’d be correct. They are commercial entities in the business of making a profit. Even though that’s the case I think we’d be foolish to ignore what they have to say about the present situation on our chosen platform. Mac users are increasingly targets for malware makers, the security companies say so in unison, so we should take care of our computers and our information now, before something strikes.

Magnus Nysted is Managing Editor of, Tech Lifestyle Magazine based in Dubai. With an aim to to educate, inform and entertain consumers, he reports on what’s happening in the world of tech, gadgets and gaming with a local and regional perspective. Follow him on twitter as @mnystedt.

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