RIT University: Nurturing a skilled generation for a dynamic workforce

RIT University in Dubai helps students unleash their talents
RIT University in Dubai helps students unleash their talents

The Dubai-based University equips students with relevant real-world skills

Published: Mon 20 Jul 2020, 9:27 AM

Last updated: Mon 20 Jul 2020, 11:35 AM

RIT University in Dubai has been known to offer programmes that supply the job market with not only required talents, but also individuals who are ready to make a change. The hands-on experiences that the undergraduate students get from working on projects along with participating in local and global competitions makes RIT University in Dubai the choice of many recruiters for internships and job placements.

Undergraduate students of the university were chosen by Emerson, KPMG, OTIS, General Motors, Schneider, and many more leaders in various industries to either fulfil their internship requirements or for permanent job placements. On the other spectrum, graduate students who choose to complete their master's degrees at the university come from various well established entities like Smart Dubai, Roads and Transportation Authority, Etisalat to name a few - where they can work on capstone projects that will help them make a change in their workplace. Many students have proposed solutions to their workplaces that were welcomed by their senior management. What adds to the uniqueness of RIT University in Dubai are the programmes offered. The programmes focus on specialised areas in artificial intelligence, future foresight, security and data analytics.

As such, RIT University in Dubai does not only look to recruit students but also to unleash their talents and develop them so that students are ready to make changes in their workplace, communities and countries. The university has gone beyond only developing skills of students, it has recently started working on the entrepreneurial personalities of students. Over the summer period, the department of career services at the university is offering a new form of internship: the entrepreneurial internship.

The aim is to provide students a framework to develop their own start-ups while earning their internship credit. Student live the experience of pivoting and agility where it is not just a buzzword but a thinking style. The approach used at the university is focused and depends immensely on problem-solving. A lot of its graduates have started their own companies as a result of the preparation they had at the university.

Along the same lines, RIT University in Dubai has also started the "Global Consulting skills bootcamp", which took place with participants from six different international campuses featuring RIT global campuses in Croatia, China and New York across five different time zones. The aim of the bootcamp was to help students develop their consulting skills and join consulting teams working on projects in national and international companies. This created a platform for sharing ideas, experiences, knowledge and skills.

RIT University in Dubai does not only look at offering a degree, but at connecting individuals with the community and making them ready to face the challenges of the future. Industry leaders are regularly invited to share their expertise and share know-hows with students. Speakers from Siemens, du, Thales and Mckinsey were among the guests who had visited the university and communicated with students this year.

The new campus of RIT University in Dubai is being built based on themes like smartness, sustainability, and connectivity. The aim is to always give students exposure to the job market and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to be able to face real-life challenges.

RIT University is looking forward to welcome a new batch of talents in the upcoming Fall 2020 semester! We look forward to making a change with you!

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