Redefining 'freshness'

Redefining freshness
The Vegetable Souk at The Fresh Market is open everyday from 8 am to 11 pm.

The Vegetable Souk at The Fresh Market is the latest family hotspot for a wholesome day out


Farhana Chowdhury

Published: Mon 30 Dec 2019, 3:17 PM

How truly fresh is the concept of freshness? Is it defined by the sweet, satisfying crunch of an apple? The delectable, lingering juices of an orange? The succulent aroma of a plump tomato? Or the glistening golden sheen of a corn nestled within a lustrous green husk? Step into the Vegetable Souk at The Fresh Market to discover the real meaning behind the term, 'fresh'. 
The Dubai-based market infuses the traditional experience of grocery shopping with a modern twist and attractive prices that set it apart as an ideal family destination for all.
Its warm inviting interiors feature a well-spaced layout to give visitors plenty of room to leisurely browse through its wide selection of fruits and vegetables from all over the globe. The Souk also features local produce - including organic, hydroponic and aeroponic options - as well as delicacies that are native to the diverse community living in the UAE. 
Embark on a sensory journey
The Vegetable Souk, located on Mohammed bin Zayed Road, aims to preserve the age-old process of choosing the best from the fresh lot through a holistic sensory appeal. If in doubt, Souk has a hands-on team of experts that serve as guides to help you pick the perfect ingredient you need to prepare your favourite dish. 
Furthermore, the market takes pride in the fact that its mind-boggling range of fresh fruits and vegetables from around the world are stacked on its shelves just hours after harvest! This means residents can enjoy longer-lasting crisp freshness at home at value-added prices. 
Teach them young
The eco-friendly market is also a perfect hotspot to introduce young ones to a fascinating range of options that could encourage them to eat healthy. Ever seen a white eggplant, purple broccoli, a watermelon that's yellow inside, or an apple that's naturally tinged red? Well, the Souk is here to open their minds to the incredible world of nature and leave them in awe! 
Complete with section for fresh cuts, a juice bar, convenience goods, kids' play area, prayer room, free Wi-Fi and ample parking space, the Vegetable Souk serves as a perfect venue, not just for a fun day out for weekly groceries, but also to celebrate festivities. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and interactive workshops!
Nurturing entrepreneurship  
Besides its mission to cater extensive variety to demanding taste buds, the Vegetable Souk also opens up opportunities for small entrepreneurs and farmers by leasing space to display their products, fresh off the plane. Its state-of-the-art facility offers cold storage units and warehouses to vendors, which ensures rich, hearty freshness all year round.

Khalil Mansouri.
Khalil Mansouri.

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