People & Places: Al Furjan is a thriving community offering value for money

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Al Furjan community is making waves among many residents as it offers "value for money".

By Sarwat Nasir

Published: Thu 19 Sep 2019, 10:35 PM

Last updated: Fri 20 Sep 2019, 12:41 AM

Dubai neighbourhoods may have their own charm and uniqueness, but upcoming residential areas have also caught the eye of residents who prefer a more modern touch and a fresher look.
Al Furjan community is making waves among many residents as it offers "value for money" and new roads around the area gives direct access to main highways.
Developed by Nakheel, the community offers villas, townhouses and apartments and the neighbourhood is in close proximity to Ibn Batutta Mall, the Expo 2020 site and various schools.
"The 560-hectare community is easily accessible from the Sheikh Zayed Road, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road and Al Yalayis Road. Al Furjan is one of Nakheel's most popular and fastest growing neighbourhoods," a Nakheel brochure said. There are studio apartments and villas with up to four bedrooms available in the community, with rents ranging from Dh38,000 to Dh115,000.
Saleh Fakher AlKayyali is renting a four-bedroom villa in Al Furjan. "I enjoy living in Al Furjan. It's a quiet community and neighbours are very cheerful. It was a big step ahead for me as I was living in a two-bedroom apartment. My kids are enjoying the spacious house and the big garden we have," AlKayyali, who works as the head of litigation and dispute resolution at a telecom firm, said.
"After opening the Al Asayel and Al Yalayes roads, the access became very convenient, unlike the situation before as it was always crowded with rough roads. Unfortunately, other amenities are not great - no gym, no swimming pool, no security, no real parks around, no nearby playing areas and no gated entrance, but it is secured and quiet."
Despite the lack of amenities, AlKayyali finds the rent to be "very reasonable" and says Al Furjan is an "outstanding community with very nice layouts and great architecture".
Fernanda Oliveira, another expat, said the community is very convenient in terms of location as her workplace is at a close distance. She works as the senior associate concessions at the Expo 2020 Dubai and pays Dh72,000 for a two-bedroom at Al Freej.
"The number of kids around and the fact to have Al Furjan Pavilion with all we need is great. I spend only 15 minutes going to work, 10 minutes to Ibn Battuta and 15 minutes to the beach. Perfect location ever and we've been in Dubai for 10 years," she said. "I have a three-year-old girl. She was born with Tetralogy of Fallot and we moved here to give her this community feel - parks, nursery and green area. We also pay every year for the Masakin club membership."
One more resident, Nishat Anjum, seems to really enjoy the greenery the community offers. She moved there with her family two months ago and her children are keen on staying there.
"I like the environment very much and my daughters are really happy to be here as we have a garden very near to our house," she said. "We have Spinney's, a pavilion and lots of other facilities which are really good. The price is cheaper than before and the neighbours are really amazing and always help each other."

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