Pedestrians in Sharjah see red as signal 'stays red'

SHARJAH - The construction of pedestrian underpasses at various streets in Sharjah, most of which witness a busy traffic flow, has become an urgent need in the emirate.

By Tarek S. Fleihan And Mahmoud Ali

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Published: Wed 26 May 2004, 9:18 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 11:31 AM

With the growing number of vehicles taking to the roads and the increasing number of residents in the emirate, the existing pedestrian subways and bridges are not fulfilling the growing demands of residents.

The fast-paced development of some areas in the emirate has spawned many of these problems, more so because the basic infrastructure and road networks at these areas, haven't been upgraded to keep pace with the rapid development of the city.

Pedestrians, too, complain of some traffic lights that do not function properly. Sharjah residents say that some traffic lights are endangering their lives, especially those that for some inexplicable reasons stay red at all times. Mohammed Moyad, a motorist, said pedestrians should be careful when attempting to cross some roads in the emirate. "They should make sure that traffic has come to a complete stop before crossing the road," he pointed out.

S. Hafez, another long-time resident of Sharjah was emphatic that if traffic lights were for some reasons not functioning properly - as has been the complaint of some pedestrians - then the authorities concerned should step in and take quick action to ensure the lights work properly and ensure pedestrian safety at all times.

Throwing light on the future plans for construction of footbridges and underpasses, a source at the Sharjah Directorate of Public Works, said that pedestrian subways and flyovers will be constructed at Al Ittihad Road as well as roads near public gardens, shopping malls, hospitals and medical centres, mosques, among others in Sharjah. The step comes as part of a major plan to build new foot passes at several areas in the emirate.

The plan includes the construction of subways for pedestrians at the Al Mobarak Centre, between the Qurtoba and Al Khaleej Al Arabi Bridges, on the Al Arouba Road, and at the Sharjah COOP and Shaikh Rashid bin Mohammad Al Qasimi Mosque (between Al Khalidiya and Al Khan Bridges ).

Several pedestrian crossings at different roads will also be constructed based on the studies conducted by the civic body. The studies are aimed at monitoring the future urban and residential development in different areas of the emirate, the source pointed out, explaining that several other roads will also be paved with interlocking bricks and traffic lights will be installed to protect pedestrians from reckless motorists. As for the standards accounted to build pedestrian crossings, the source noted that authorities concerned including the municipality, collect data and information on the needs for construction of pedestrian passes at different areas in the emirate.

The source added that the database would contribute in responding to the needs of the crowded areas in Sharjah such as the industrial areas, Al Nahda area, Al Ittihad Road, among others.

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