Non-Muslims free to bury their dead in Abu Dhabi: Municipality

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Abu Dhabi - Graves are also laid out and constructed in accordance with the beliefs of the communities.


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Sat 28 Sep 2019, 9:32 PM

When Abu Dhabi said all residents are free to express their religion, it didn't just mean worship practices - it also applies to funeral rites and burial.
In another key tolerance message, the Abu Dhabi Municipality has reminded people that the Capital has a place for the dead of all communities and religions.
And everyone is free to do the rituals associated with the funeral.
Dr Saeed Mohammed Qarwash Al Rumaithi, director of the public health department at the municipality, reiterated that grave sites are allocated to each community and religion.
"The burial and funeral services provided by the Department of Public Health to non-Muslims embody the vision of the leadership in respecting people and religions in line with the Year of Tolerance," said Al Rumaithi.
Graves are also laid out and constructed in accordance with the beliefs of the communities, he added.
For an instance, it has paid great attention to providing graves for the Christian community in Baniyas area. A shaded area is put up and water is supplied for grieving families.
Condolences from the municipality are also sent via e-mail.
"Through such initiatives, the Abu Dhabi Municipality is considered a pioneer in this area," said Al Rumaithi. Abu Dhabi has built a strong reputation for religious diversity and tolerance. Recently, it had granted licences to non-Muslim places of worship in a historic ceremony.
The UAE's capital also focuses on promoting religious discourse through the media, at mosques, different religious centres and institutions, with the objective of uniting people and maintaining harmony across the emirate.

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