No 'special' treatment for special needs graduates

AL AIN - Government departments in Al Ain city as well as the rest of Abu Dhabi emirate avoid hiring graduates with special needs, particularly the deaf and dumb, according to officials at the Rehabilitation and Employment Centres for Disabled People (RECDP) in Al Ain.

By Lana Mahdi

Published: Mon 25 Aug 2008, 1:24 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 5:10 PM

Speaking to Khaleej Times, RECDP Managing Director Ahmed Juma'a said government departments and private sector companies have, in the past, promised on several occasions that they would welcome RECDP graduates, but have failed to live up to expectations.

He said that the RECDP administration had sent letters to all government departments in the emirate of Abu Dhabi seeking recruitment of the centre's graduates.

"They simply ignored our letters. We received no reply from them," he complained.

"They make promises in front of media representatives, but as soon as the event is over they go back on their word on hiring the special needs graduates, who are qualified," he pointed out.

He added that under the UAE law, six per cent of positions in public and private sectors are reserved for the special needs category.

Juma'a said that officials of some government departments feel that special needs people are not qualified, but that is not correct.

The Abu Dhabi Police and the Interior Ministry had recruited 270 graduates from the RECDP over the past few years, he stated.

"Our graduates have proved that they are talented and well-trained," he added.

Juma'a said there are 77 male and female RECDP graduates waiting for placements. They have completed the rehabilitation programme, training programme, English programme and muazzen (man who gives call for prayer) and Imam programme, skilled vocational training courses and the employment programmes.

He said that the RECDP had signed an agreement with the UAE Armed Forces in 2005 to hire 300 graduates.

"So far, the UAE Armed Forces has recruited only eight graduates from our centres," he added.

Juma'a said that the Emirates Bank Group had hired 15 RECDP graduates and the Ahmed Kanoo Group had hired a number of special needs graduates.

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