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New vehicle registration centre to open up in UAE

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Sharjah - Centre will offer integrated services - including maintenance - to save time and effort of the customers.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Sun 29 Sep 2019, 9:39 PM

A new vehicle registration centre will come up under a project launched by Rafid Vehicle Solutions, which is affiliated to Sharjah Asset Management Company - one of the investment arms of Sharjah Government. This comes following a pact between Rafid and Mobil Lubricants.
Plans are underway to open a Rafid branch that will register public vehicles and offer integrated services - including maintenance - to save time and effort of the customers.
Salem Saeed Al Midfa, general manager of Rafid Vehicle Solutions, approval for the project has been obtained and the details will be announced later.
Al Madfa said that the agreement with Mobil Lubricants is for five years and aims to provide the best services in terms of supplying oil to maintenance workshops, especially after the inauguration of the new branch of Auto Express station in Khor Fakkan last August. The main station - located in the headquarters of the company in Sharjah - offers maintenance services to the entire fleet of the Sharjah government and other customers. He stressed that the facility of replacing vehicle oils is extended by the firm to the public as well as government agencies and it is carried out in compliance with international standards.
He pointed out that every month, 5,000 vehicles will be provided with the registration service, periodic maintenance and comprehensive examination, including 1,330 vehicles of government departments and 1,700 belonging to the General Directorate of Sharjah Police in addition to 1,350 taxis.
App to track, help accident-hit
Abdul Rahman bin Kunun Al Shamsi, director of the accident unit at Rafid, pointed out:
"The road assistance service was launched recently with cooperation from the Sharjah Police. It ensured road safety, while achieving quick response time for malfunctioning vehicles. "It provides five main services: displacement, transport of vehicles, charging batteries, replacing tyres and refuelling," he added.
He said: "Through the road assistance service, Rafid has helped transport a number of vehicles to the confiscation yards - up to 500 to 600 monthly. These vehicles are either involved in traffic accidents, seized by authorities or equipped with speeding equipment."
The company has worked on developing the smart application to track a vehicle involved in accident and provide help to the driver. The app registers data of the parties, method of payment for violation and the payment date.

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