New tracking system for cabs in capital

ABU DHABI - As part of its strategy to improve the transportation system in the emirate to meet international standards, the Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars (TransAD) announced the implementation of a tracking and dispatch system on a sample of cars for testing before the final launch in next few months.

By M. A. Qudoos, Deputy Bureau Chief

Published: Mon 3 Mar 2008, 7:42 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:36 PM

At a Press conference, TransAD also announced its plan to withdraw more than 4,000 old taxis before the end of 2008.

TransAD announced that inspectors would be sent out periodically to ensure that drivers and operators were abiding by the laws and meeting the new standards set by TransAD.

To enforce the laws, operators and drivers would be monitored and those who violated the law would be penalised.

Al Rashedi said the taxi cars would be equipped with a state-of-the-art tracking and dispatch device provided by CERT InfoTrack, a UAE company specialising in developing such solutions.

The device would have many useful features such as detailed maps of the UAE, an electronic meter and a database recording system, and it would be able to accept payments through credit cards in foreseeable future. The dispatching services would be offered to public through a call centre which would work 24 hours.

Dr Robert Richards, CEO of CERT, said, “CERT is currently testing the system on some of the new cars and will be installing them on all cars in the next few months as per the roll-out plan of TransAD for customers to reserve their taxis. One central telephone number for all hire car companies will be in place, in addition to individual numbers for each of them.”

Trans AD also confirmed that all taxi drivers were required to attend comprehensive training sessions and courses from the Emirates Driving School, which included geographical information about the emirate, regulations governing taxi services and road traffic laws.

TransAD had already introduced a telephone number for filing any suggestion - 600 535353 - encouraging people to call and give their inputs or feedback regarding any relevant matter. Al Rashedi stressed the importance of public participation in the development process and urged everyone to call and make a difference.

Al Rashedi said TransAD had begun to introduce new taxis. From January, it had started phasing out the old taxis. More than 450 taxis had been phased out so far and 850 new taxis introduced.

“We have received comments on our drivers through the media and on the dedicated telephone number. Necessary steps have been taken to improve the services and build TransAd’s credibility in delivering quality services,” he said.

He admitted that there was a shortage of drivers due to the inability of some drivers to pass the test. Therefore, a committee of representatives from TransAd, the seven operators and Emirates Driving Company had been formed to hire qualified drivers, including qualified ones from abroad.

Al Rashedi said all old taxis were now under TransAD supervision as they had been registered and given ID-numbers. TransAd was coordinating with the Traffic Department in Abu Dhabi to facilitate the phasing out and numbering of the old taxis

He said that TransAd was utilising all its resources to implement the law. New employees had been hired and the Emiratisation rate had reached 90 per cent.

TransAd was planning to move its premises to a new location in Al Nahyan camp area within the next few months, he said.

Al Rashedi said TransAd was coordinating with Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority in view of the role played by the taxi industry in the marketing of tourism in Abu Dhabi. It was also coordinating with the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi and ADNOC for providing natural gas to operate the new taxi cars, he added.‘

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